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Stephanie Hill features Emerging Designers I Love VII on The Style Bungalow

Emerging Designers I Love VII


It’s a crazy time in fashion, there’s no doubt about that. The fashion industry’s changing rapidly from one day to the next; presented with new challenges like sustainability, inclusivity and coronavirus concerns, to name a few. Which has me rethinking…

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill features 10 Pieces I Love Under $200 on The Style Bungalow

10 Pieces I Love Under $200


Remember the days of dressing up?  Same. But as I’ve mentioned (in my “Toned Down Style” series here and here), there’s something to be said about embracing comfort while feeling inspired right now. Striking a balance between timeless and curated,…

Toned Down Style Pt. 2


Packing.  Unpacking.  And some more packing. That’s our life lately, aside from lots of coffee runs and navigating a move by ourselves… There’s certainly no glamour to it, but we’re beyond excited for this chapter and to officially move into…

Style Blogger Stephanie Hill wears #ootd featuring an Eric Javits sun hat on The Style Bungalow

Toned Down Style Pt. 1


What routine?  I used to set my alarm for 7AM every morning. Now, I wait until the sun peeks through my windows and fills my apartment with light. It’s quite a beautiful (and inspiring) way to begin the day. When…

Summers in South Florida


Summers in South Florida can have a bad rep. Right off the bat we’re hit with hurricane season we wished never came, the tropical downpours, humidity at its peak and did I mention the heat? You know, when the forecast…