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Tales of Tailoring September by Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

Tales of Tailoring: September


Why spend more money on tailoring?  I asked the same thing once… It’s the one fashion trick I wish I listened to sooner. But let’s backtrack real quick.  Blouse: Rachel Comey Stripe skirt: vintage Sandals: By Far Clutch: (c/o) Pamela Munson A few weeks ago when…

Ways to Support the Bahamas by Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

The Bahamas: Ways to Support


Just a few days ago… We anxiously waited and quickly prepared (set emergency plans in place) for Hurricane Dorian (Category 5) along with “its cone of uncertainty” as it marched through the Atlantic. Then, it slowly turned directly into the…

Stephanie Hill shares #MySmallSteps to Sustainability on The Style Bungalow

#MySmallSteps toward Sustainability


(Today’s post is in partnership with Nespresso.) I remember speaking to a friend many years back about sustainability.  He asked me, “Are you using your platform to help?” as he explained fashion’s negative impact on the environment. I innocently answered,…

Life As I Know It September by Style Blogger Stephanie Hill live on The Style Bungalow

Life As I Know It: September


Yesterday, I listened to an interview with Elaine Welteroth on “No Limits” podcast (Elaine is a bestselling author and award-winning journalist. She’s also a judge on Project Runway and the youngest person ever appointed by Condé Nast to be the…

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill featuring My Views on Fashion Week on The Style Bungalow

My Views on Fashion Week


As I sit here skimming through IG feeds and Stories of friends talking about upcoming NYFW shows, everyone’s glowing, gearing up for a great time and exchanging lots of messages, “Stephanie, please tell me you’ll be in NYC next week!”…

Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow talks about A Thought Wardrobe

A Thoughtful Wardrobe


The allure of collecting timeless pieces and building a quality wardrobe has become more appealing to me every day (especially with sustainability on the rise in the fashion industry). Instead of filling my closet up with the latest trends, I’ve…

Blogger Stephanie Hill launches a Restyled Series August on The Style Bungalow

Restyled Series: August


With a wedding on the horizon, investments being made into my blog and the environment circulating my mind, I can’t help but break one of my worst habits: shopping every week for new clothing! Sure, I’ve cut back – way…