Lover of L’Occitane

Stephanie Hill of The Style Bungalow talks about L'Occitane RESET serum.

FEATURING: Immortelle Reset Oil-in Serum, Moisture Prep, Water Cleanser

As you may have seen on my Instagram Stories, the travels are back and the meetings/events are in full swing. Bouncing from South Florida back to the around-the-clock lifestyle in New York City, its relentless rhythm of “pushing your limits” has rubbed off on me. Side note: don’t get me wrong, it’s super fun and exhilarating, but it’s also taken a toll on my skin.

Confession: I don’t even realize it until I look in the mirror and wonder if I could just hit a RESET button I’d take care of this differently.

Truth is… I (you) can.


Pantene 14 Day Challenge

Change. It’s inevitable.

Whether it’s time, weather, season, personal or general – life’s pretty much full of them.

But change can be a very good thing. Like seeing one bad hair day change to more great hair days. Mhm, it’s time to flip the script! Since I’ve been using my (affordable!) favorite, Pantene, for years I realize I can count on them to counter these changes; keeping things relevant and personal when it comes to hair (it me, because they get me).


Oh My Monnier Frères!

BLOUSE, SKIRT, HEELS (old Alexandre Birman, but I also love this pair for a slightly lower heel!)


Last week I talked about the variety of color blocking and the fun ways I like styling it this fall. But here’s the thing, as much as I love bright colors, timeless neutrals also hold a special place in my heart (and closet!). So while we rotate into the new season it’s easy for me to put things in neutral (like automatically). Why? Because seasonless and sleekness are def. great things to keep in your wardrobe, too. Name one good reason you wouldn’t – I’ll wait.

Still waiting.

(Oh, and don’t let the word “neutral” and its blah undertones mislead you…)


It’s Always Right in Reiss


BELT: vintage, from my moms closet

I used to think I’d only be able to tell or enjoy the change of season through Starbucks’ seasonal favorites. #Floridaprobs

But since I’ve been going back and forth to NYC for meetings slash shooting content (get ready for some big changes before the end of the year!) I’ve had the luxury of experiencing the beauty of fall first-hand.

And with business and leisure in mind during my travels, it makes total sense to rock ‘em fitting power suits (I told you I would, remember?). There’s so many aesthetic twists and turns with suits. Think: slim waist, boxy shoulders; nautical ones with buttons all the way down; completely tailored types. Most suit trends and shapes are being influenced by us women. #GirlPower Now, you know why I’m building my suit collection. #wink Plus, They’re even perfect for fall/winter trips to iconic London or romantic Paris… (hint: is that something we should consider?) I mean let me add another layer, a beret and teleport there now!


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