Oh My Moroccanoil!


As we close out summer and welcome fall, I must say some things never change.

Like what exactly? Like the humidity (duh), heat and sunshine in sunny South Florida! It practically travels to every season with me. Sure, it’s great for the tan, but not so much the hair.

My Florida girls get it.

Especially when you’ve colored your hair (highlights, balayage… you name it) you need something that locks in color. Most of you know I get blonde balayage highlights over my natural ashy brown hair color because I love that sun-kissed look! (UPDATE: since publishing this post, I’ve dyed my hair chocolate brown!) So for this reason, the hair products I use have got to prevent any and all brassiness. #LiveColorfullyorDyeTryin

Which is why I’m (low key) excited to introduce a product line that’s great for any color/hair type today! I’ve mentioned them before in my IG Story Hair Q&As (yes, there’s a highlight)… I use an affordable brand for traveling as well as a slightly more luxurious brand, aka Moroccanoil, right after I color my hair.

I mean, why not preserve the sense of confidence you gain from salon-fresh color?

Let’s rewind.

Just before #NYFW, I had my color touched up. I went brighter… so of course, that meant I need added protection to preserve the blonde color. I was nervous about the new color fading from washing my hair (since I don’t bleach my hair and also, had a gloss treatment) among other things during Fashion Week, so I brought the Color Complete Collection by Moroccanoil

The great thing about the Color Continue Shampoo is that it’s sulfate-free; every time I washed my hair with it I knew my color wasn’t fading, but was continuously getting prepped to retain even more color. Same with the Color Continue Conditioner… both shielded my hair aka minimized color washouts!

Three’s a charm, right?

Sure is! The last product I used during Fashion Week was the Protect & Prevent Spray. It delivers all of the above while protecting from other things that attempt to weaken hair. AKA the blend of antioxidants, sunscreens and ArganID technology mean superior protection and prevention. I’ve been using it ever since Fashion Week! Plus, it smells so good! #hairflip #wink

To me, it’s not about dying your hair more often throughout the year, but rather about washing and caring for your beautifully colored hair more effectively. (Hello! It’s an investment!) Whether a quick fix (highlights) or long term commitment (blonde or brunette?), know that your mane deserves the best.

Goodbye color fades and brassiness. Hello, stress-free post color. (And more fun in the sun…)

Learn more about Moroccanoil Color Complete Collection here.

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you Moroccanoil for sponsoring this post!]


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