How to Beat that Florida Heat (and look cute)

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Swim Week, July 2017. I’m in Miami Beach and the temperature outside is easily 98 degrees with 100% humidity. Forgot looking cute. I was happy to look “dewy” not sweaty. I run into my old friend Katie from NYC who says, “how do wear makeup in this heat?!” as she takes out a blotting paper to save whatever makeup is left on her skin. My reply, “setting powders; that’s my secret…”

I’m not one to write about beauty on here because I’m no expert. I watch a handful of beauty videos on Youtube once a year and have no clue how to contour or highlight my cheekbones like the pros do. What I do understand, however, is this heat. In particular, how to “look cute and put together” in this Florida heat and how to protect your skin from the harsh sunrays here. Because you have to.

Flashback to college: I’m working at a local spa as a receptionist where I frequently chat with esthetician about preventative skincare because the number one complaint was (dun, dun, dun) sun damage. “What treatments can I do to get rid of my sunspots?” as I booked an appointment for a girl who must have been… 25 years old? It was then, at 21 years old, that I realized how incredibly important it was to wear sunscreen every single day of your life and how to prevent premature aging from the sun. From then on, I was hooked.

So when a brand (a good one, at that) comes out with a setting powder that also offers sun protection? Forget it. Beauty blogger or not, I have to share this with you guys…

Introducing: 100% Mineral “Invincible” Setting Powder by Supergoop! A powder that’s grease-free, matifying, chemical-free, cruelty-free and basically awesome. I consider it my new secret weapon. I use the translucent mineral powder (universal) in between spray tans (yes, I get them) and the medium powder when I’m tan (not to worry, there are four shades). I reapply over my makeup in between every outfit I shoot (because most times, I’m standing in the sun for at least 45 mins) and love that it leaves my skin looking moisturized and matte in photos; not thirsty. Although I apply sunscreen as a base layer underneath my makeup (love this one!), I use this powder as an added protective barrier against the harsh sun (it has an SPF 45). Because seriously – it gets hot here. ESPECIALLY over the summer. And nobody wants to see a Sweaty Style Bungalow. (Trust me, it’s not cute.)

It’s also refillable (yay, for the environment!) and easy to clean making it perfect for those on-the-go moments or in my case, those in-between-blog-shoots moments.

Click here to learn more about the product or browse some of my favorite Supergoop! products below…


Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you Supergoop! for sponsoring today’s post.]


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