Pantene Charcoal Collection

DRESS: Marks & Spencer/EARRINGS: Shashi/SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: (c/o) Pantene

Popping in for a brief moment from all the sunning and relaxing at Cuixmala!

Even when I’m traveling (especially then) or in between running my blog, managing day-to-day activities and soaking up the inevitable sunshine from my latest tropical travels and home… it’s no secret that my hair will require some needed cleansing. So, I always like being prepared with the best. What’s my mane trick?

Pantene, please!

There’s no other (affordable, hello!) product that treats hair more personally than Pantene. And when it comes to my hair, I take it personally. Pantene studies the many different hair types and concerns to uncover the nutrients hair needs to consistently be healthier and more beautiful inside and out. Do you want your greater hair days back? Go ‘head girl! (*hair whip) In fact, it’s been my go-to for years now. I know, I know but how do you choose between all the amazing options Pantene provides?

Don’t worry. I got you.

Lately, I’ve been using their newest nutrient blend of activated charcoal (aka a natural purifying ingredient). Here’s my 1-2 step. First, I start with the shampoo from this collection. It contains infused nutrients, a blend of pro-vitamin B5 and activated charcoal releasing antioxidants as it’s used. Uh, what’s that do, Steph? Think of a magnet that only attracts impurities in order to detox hair and provide a refresh, renewed body and shine. Second, I top things off by using the conditioner; it’s Pantene’s first ever silicone-free conditioner that rinses out quickly, which means extra clean-feels for a renewed fullness while maintaining all the shine. I mean yes and yes, please!

Spill the secret!

My hair is shiny, smooth and has more volume due to all the above. But my personal secret tip? When I have the time, I typically like to apply conditioner in the bathtub, throw my hair up with a clip and read an article from Vogue magazine whilst I soak away! Then, after about 5 to 10 minutes (for max effect) it’s time to rinse it out. For my South Florida gals, going to the beach with conditioner in your hair is actually a great idea for rehydration! I love doing this every now and then when I notice my hair is super dry – make sure you leave it in for an hour though (you got this!).

They say, “Love is in the hair.”And whoever they are, are not kidding around because I’m in love! There is something to be said about having healthy, clean hair…that looks and feels great. I feel more confident and ready to face anything the day has for me. So whether you are globetrotting, running around town or conquering the world…you can say goodbye to oily, dirty, dry hair – now that you’ve found your match! Just take it one wash at a time and see for yourself. Pantene Charcoal Collection = a #MagneticAttraction aka the mane squeeze.

Click this link to buy and try for yo’ self! Also, if you buy two Charcoal Collection products from Target (in-store or online), you will receive a $5 gift card! Ok, now back to sunbathing…

Xo, Stephanie

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pantene. The opinions and text are all mine.


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