Stephanie Hill speaks on Journaling with Brahmin on The Style Bungalow

Journaling with Brahmin

I do one of two things when I’m stressed: move and write.  If I’m lucky, that means clutching a familiar wooden barre, easing into a stretch with my toes already wrapped and warmed up for ballet class. I love the…

Lifestyle Blogger Stephanie Hill featuring Currently Loving Comfy Dresses on The Style Bungalow

Currently Loving: Comfy Dresses

Honestly, it’s OK to get dressed even if it means just to be home. Why? It sets the tone for the day! Of course, pajamas and loungewear are acceptable and loved (as seen here), but I know for a fact…

Currently Loving These Loungewear Brands by Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

Currently Loving: These Loungewear Brands

Since it’s now fully acceptable to wake up like this (and stay like this) IRL, whether it’s lounging around, working from home or curled up watching your favorite movie/documentary, I had to share these loungewear brands I’m currently loving that…

Currently Loving: Timeless Handbags

No fuss, easy, feel-good looks?   Yes, I’m talking about timeless styles I’m currently loving.  Since we’re all going through a time of slowing down and taking it easy, I’ve been wearing a lot of comfortable yet timeless items in…

Stephanie Hill features How I’ve Changed Already (2020) on The Style Bungalow Team

How I’ve Changed Already (2020)

Last year I was always rushing out of the apartment with my hair somewhat tousled, mascara smudged and personal items hanging out of my Brahmin handbag because I left it open again. You know, the crash and burn feeling and…

Stephanie Hill shares Holiday Gift Guide for Him on The Style Bungalow

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Holiday shopping can be rather tricky for anyone — especially when you’re shopping for that important man in your life like your brother, dad, boyfriend or a coworker. With a little help from my fiancé, I’ve rounded up a curated…

Stephanie Hill talks about Emerging Latin Designers I Love V on The Style Bungalow

Emerging Latin Designers I Love Pt. V

It’s been a little while, but we’re back at it with the latest edition of Emerging Latin Designers I Love this month. The days and minutes have seriously flown by and I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner….

Stephanie Hill shares Life As I Know It November

Life As I Know It Pt. 1: November

Reporting live from Miami! I am taking the day off to catch up on administrative work. You know, the super un-sexy stuff like answering emails, editing imagery and writing. On days like today, I slip into one of my fiancé’s…

Stephanie Hill shares My Tiffany’s Holiday Wishlist on The Style Bungalow

My Tiffany’s Holiday Wishlist

You deserve it. As I stop to catch my breath for a moment, now that things have settled down from the apartment renovation and having just returned from the Bahamas, I can’t forget the promise I’ve made: treat yourself —…

Stephanie Hill shares Sales, Sales and More Sales for Black Friday on The Style Bungalow

Sales, Sales and More Sales!

Black Friday is officially here and with Cyber Monday around the corner — it’s the perfect time to start saving and splurging! But I know how overwhelming it can be with plenty of brands and deals piling up in your…