Style Blogger Stephanie Hill speaks about "Life As I Know It: 5 Years" today on The Style Bungalow

Life As I Know It: 5 Years

Five years ago today, I published my first blog post (click here to see it). As expected, I’ve spent the day reflecting on all my trials and tribulations and how often I surprised myself with overcoming fears… and finding meaning and purpose…

What Anxiety Taught Me

I have anxiety. The kind that jolts you out of bed in the middle of the night. The panicky breathing that creeps up out of nowhere during coffee with a friend. The feeling of dread and loop of worry that…

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill shares "Why I Struggle with IG Stories" on The Style Bungalow

Why I Struggle with IG Stories

It usually goes a little something like this: I glance in the mirror, (for whatever reason) I like my hair so I pick up my iPhone and open Instagram Stories. Then the daunting question hits me, “What on earth do…

Why red lipstick?

In honor of International Women’s Day, I’d like to take things back a bit and embrace the rich history in female identity, freedom and self-expression through one of our classic faves: red lipstick.

Stephanie Hill talks about "How I Stay Motivated (On The Daily)" on The Style Bungalow

How I Stay Motivated?

Let’s talk about motivation for a minute. I know I need it (hence my recent “Life As I Know It”). Starting with emails piling up, to-do lists running into each other, meetings and appointments shuffled around in the calendar because…

Stephanie Hill talks about the creative pursuit on Life As I Know It February on The Style Bungalow

Life As I Know It: February

“The Creative Pursuit” I frequently wonder, “is the Instagram algorithm killing creativity or are tastes changing?” To better understand this question, let’s turn back the clock to 2015.

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow talks about Fashion Week FOMO + how she gets through it

FW FOMO + How I Got Through It

It’s that time where the world shines light on the newest, most iconic designs slated to takeover the upcoming season! From streetstyle to runway, and the messages beyond the runway, it’s an artful experience of discovering your individual sense of…

Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow on 5 ways to say ILY to you

Five Ways to Say ILY to You

Ah. The month of love! The world is officially preparing for Valentine’s Day (or avoiding it) which is why I wanted to highlight one thing: loving yourself. With everything pink and red, XOs across the stores, the chocolates and flowers…

My Top 5 Muses this Month

Muses have always been invoked to give that special spark. A force of inspiration we all crave. And to me, it seems to come in a form of a whisper, a subtle detail, a favorite design or through the arts….

The Style Bungalow's Stephanie Hill shares what I wish someone told me about dating

I Wish Someone Told Me…(Dating)

Ah, dating. Where do I begin? My first love was great but the timing was off. My second love broke my heart. I grew the most and realized what I wanted in a relationship. My third love (my now boyfriend)…