Holiday Gift Guide for the Hostess

Stephanie Hill shares her Holiday Gift Guide for the Hostess on The Style Bungalow

To all the hosts and hostesses in your life who’ve put in countless hours of planning, cleaning and cooking, it’s time we treat them to a creative and thoughtful gift they’ll actually love (outside from the traditional bottle of wine, right?). I’m sharing a special list of gifts to really express your gratitude to your hostess with the mostess.


Last year, I attended a holiday party and was so surprised when the hostess gifted each guest with a unique book that she felt best reflected their personalities. I opened mine up to a classic Chanel book, which I love and have never forgotten. It was one of the most thoughtful ideas! So I decided to flip the script here by suggesting you extend a book geared towards your host’s personality. Ones ranging from a coffee table book like Aerin Lauder’s book for Assouline, Palm Beach, to a classic like The Great Gatsby. Then, add a personal note inside the cover to tie it all back to your hostess!

Cocktail Accessories

It’s safe to say that every host loves to entertain. That’s why they’ll love these linen cocktail napkins (or this one now on sale!) meant to dress up any tablescape and a cocktail shaker to curate some of your fave drinks. Plus, the party will be that much more fun and pretty. We can definitely cheers to that! 

Polaroid Cameras

Moments are everything at a party — especially ones on film. Bring Polaroid cameras so each guest can have the opportunity to interact and capture candid moments of the hostess and party from their point of view. That way she can develop them and savor as memories. Bonus points if you take the camera back, develop the film and frame it yourself by using Framebridge before giving it back to her as a gift. A super thoughtful gesture! (Use code: TheStyleBungalow on Framebridge to receive 15% off!)

Jewelry Box

Any hostess who fancies jewelry as much as I do will love a jewelry box. It’s a great way to organize and store their most special belongings and keep it safe. I especially love this one!

A Thoughtful Gift from Your Travels

If you travel a lot like me, I think it’s a great idea to share a piece from your travels that they can carry forever. Mérida being one of my favorite destinations (and where I’m getting married next year!), I decided to gift one of my hostesses a diffuser from the historically-beautiful, Coqui Coqui. Though she’s never been to Mérida, she’s become so fond of the scent and uses it daily.

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill shares her Holiday Gift Guide for the Hostess on The Style Bungalow

Xo, Stephanie


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