How I Turned My Bathroom into a Sanctuary

Stephanie Hill reveals How I Turned My Bathroom into a Sanctuary on The Style Bungalow

Deep down I’ve always envisioned a certain bathroom “look” and feel of a sanctuary. However, I certainly never thought I’d have that dream come true in my current 1920s historic rental apartment! 

When Danielle and I first discussed working together on my apartment, we specifically spoke about renovating only certain parts, which didn’t include the bathroom (as it was just painted and in a good place for now!). Fast-forward to just a few months ago…here we are, selecting hardware, fixtures and a sink for my teensiest space in order to complete the entire renovation. I suppose my “no room left behind” theory applies to the bathroom, too. When I think about it some more, it’s such a practical place that does set the tone for the day (where I also decompress at EOD) – so why shouldn’t it take priority now?

Here are 5 small ways I turned my rental bathroom into a sanctuary.

1. Don’t be shy…paint it (the ceiling, too!)

Yes, I was nervous at first but it’s now become my new an easy-to-do favorite. Paint can do a lot to a bathroom and it’s a small change in returning the unit back when your lease is up. From Danielle’s standpoint, “White walls aren’t my favorite, so we knew immediately Steph should paint her bathroom the same hue as her kitchen. This particular pink acts more as a neutral shade (a nice warm tone) and anchors the bathroom allowing it to go with many other colorful accents.” It’s incredible how much one color can transform an entire room.

2. Switch out the sink (it isn’t expensive to do!). 

My rental sink was an original 1920s in cream – needless to say it was in bad shape. I desperately needed a new one and decided on a pedestal sink from Signature Hardware, which came in a nice, clean white; but if you’re looking to do a big renovation, look into their console sinks with gold hardware – always a stunner! However, if you’re unable to upgrade to a pedestal sink, Danielle suggests that a very inexpensive alternative to upgrading is this old design trick: opt for a sink skirt as it can hide pipes and create extra hidden storage space.

3. Speaking of hardware – swap that out, too. 

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill on How I Turned My Bathroom into a Sanctuary on The Style Bungalow

I selected a more luxurious sink faucet than the original one I had (you can also take this to your future home, too). It’s another small (great) way to upgrade and add that personal touch…now. I was so happy to see that Signature Hardware carried a ton of sink faucets that have a luxurious, vintage element while being moderately priced. As I combed through more options on their site, I just had to change out all the hardware (towel racks, toilet paper holder, etc.) to create cohesiveness – I love that effortless and vintage feel. I learned not to fear mixing metals, as you can see I have polished nickel and brushed nickel in my bathroom while the rest of my apartment has polished brass. So technically, you don’t have to do everything in brass because mixing metals can create a very lovely contrast when done right.

4. Get a custom shower curtain made.

Style Blogger Stephanie Hill reveals How I Turned My Bathroom into a Sanctuary on The Style Bungalow

This allows you to add your own trim, select weight of fabric and determine length (touching or not touching the floor), which helps with tricking the eye. Then, hang it to the very top of the ceiling…as Danielle had mentioned in a previous post here, it allows for optimal use of space, natural light…and creates a more open and inviting bathroom. This time around we did something simple, we chose a white curtain with a green trim from Pioneer Linens that spoke to the other green elements within my apartment. But in the future, I know that if and when I plan to shop for a shower curtain with a valance, Pioneer Linens is the precise place I would do it. They have the most incredible selections with the sweetest team who are always happy to help – I couldn’t be happier!

5. Just like the kitchen, accessories are key here. 

And much like my mantra: “Splurge on accessories, they’re things you can wear again and again that dress up any look” this holds true within my bathroom, too. I added a new wicker laundry hamper with a lid and similar storage basket, which served to elevate the space and tie in the design even more. Danielle agreed with the idea, “Sometimes adding the simplest and smallest of textures to a room can help in adding layer and depth.” The before and after here is on another level! 

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you Signature Hardware for sponsoring today’s post!]


  • The reno looks spectacular! Can you please share the brand/shade of that perfect pinky peach colour in your bathroom and kitchen? Thank you!

  • This bathroom is so beautiful and the colors you chose are gorgeous! I think that I can start brainstorming now that things have slowed down and redesign mine too!
    I hope you have a great stay-at-home weekend and you are safe!

    Take care
    Kate |

    • Thank you so much! Even though it’s small, I love opening my window, lighting a candle and soaking in my bathtub! I hope your redesign goes well – definitely consider Signature Hardware for your upgrades – they’re top of the line, very easy to work with (great customer service) and affordable! (Because you’re purchasing direct to consumer as oppose through a big box retailer!) Stay safe!

      Xo, Steph

  • Hi I’m currently re doing my bathroom and your my inspo . I’m having trouble finding the perfect shade of pink .

  • hi I recently found your blog but i love your style. Im shopping for the exact paint color but online it shows me a pink moire 050 and a pink moire 158 I was wondering if you knew which one you chose

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