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The Style Bungalow

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Two years ago, I downgraded from a large two-bedroom apartment to a fully furnished teeny tiny pad outside of the city. I got rid of all my old furniture from college and started fresh with a small space. I figured, less space meant less clutter.

The second I saw this apartment, I fell in love with the window light, tall ceilings, built-in storage and old Florida charm. I also loved how it was furnished. The previous owner of the furniture did a great job utilizing the space to the fullest. Each nook and cranny had a purpose. It was exactly what I needed all bundled up into 350 sq-ft.

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 6.19.37 PM

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 6.20.27 PM

And this is what it looked like last December…

The Style Bungalow

In a matter of 10 days, I had to return all of the furniture back to the previous owner for something completely out of my control. I’ll spare you the unfortunate details, but I was shocked. Having sold everything the year before, I was left with nothing!

Instead of getting upset, I took it as the perfect opportunity to start fresh… again… and redecorate my place exactly the way I wanted!

Screen shot 2016-05-04 at 6.20.42 PM

So I went shopping… Duh, of course.

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

Nautical Shams: (c/o) Kate Spade; Comforter: (c/o) Marshalls; Sheets: (c/o) Kate Spade

Using two large abstract paintings (here and here) and one medium-sized ethnic wall print (here) from Joss & Main, I created a little gallery wall above my bed (that converts into a sofa). I looked for pieces with blues, neutrals and pinks since those were my favorite colors, mixed them up and placed them off-center. Each piece arrived framed and ready to hang.

The Style Bungalow

The Style Bungalow

What my apartment lacks in size is made up with ceiling height. I love how my new artwork draws the eye up! It gives the perception of a larger space. That white wall was the perfect canvas… no need for paint!

Jenny, my friend and the artist behind Living Pattern, gave me three adorable prints to pepper into my gallery space and to hang on my walls. Click here, here and here to order. (I hear she’s having a flash sale today, too!)


The Style Bungalow

Evan, my photographer’s husband, refurbished this vintage mid-century chair. Check out some of his amazing work here.

The Style Bungalow

Photo May 04, 5 01 32 PM

Since cabinets and drawer space are in short supply in my apartment, I used metal shelves to solve the issue and store my kitchen goodies from Marshalls and Home Goods.


What could have been a negative experience was turned into a positive one! I love my little artsy apartment. It’s still a work in progress but full of my personality…

The Style Bungalow

Have tips for small spaces? Apartment living? Comments? Share them all below!

Thanks for stopping by…

Xo, Stephanie

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