My Essentials for the Coziest Bed

Stephanie Hill reveals My Essentials for the Coziest Bed on The Style Bungalow Team

Great sleep in a dreamy bedscape is exactly what I need right now and after 2019, a year that felt both physically and mentally draining. I knew that I wanted to build something cozy and inspiring and I knew exactly where I’d find my essentials: Pioneer Linens.

Pioneer Linens offers an opulent array of home decor from around the world. The West Palm Beach, family-owned company (since 1912) specializes in custom bedding, bath accessories and table linens for estates, private aviation, mega yachts and beyond… like my tiny apartment, lol. Their luxury linens are from the finest home designer brands…and I’m so excited to include them as part of my “bedroom” essentials.

For the overall decor, bed linens play a major role as they must mirror the design and color palette. Danielle, my interior designer, once said, “Bed linens are a lot like clothing, it’s great to have multiple sets and interchange them frequently, I do…I have like 15 sets!” I couldn’t help but realize the similarity in fashion, too because trust me I’m right there with you on that! Danielle continued, “We spend over half of our lives in our beds, so dressing them in luxurious and beautiful fabrics seems so practical when you really think about it.” I honestly never thought about it in that way until now and learned how changing linens can literally change the entire feeling of a room, too. So we had to think of a fabric, shape and color (for my two Euro Shams in the back, pillow cases, throw pillows, bedding, etc.) – and as you know through Danielle, I’ve loved the aspect of layering and now know that complicated layering like this can create an even more luxurious tone of comfort.

“Little details such as scalloped edges, a color flanged border or embroidery truly differentiates a bedding from feeling minimal and masculine or frilly and feminine. Prints can also be a wonderful way to add pizzazz to the space,” Danielle suggested. So we went with the scalloped edges and the most perfect pale pink to match my kitchen. We added (I call them) “baby sized pillows” in sage green to break up the pink and embroidered seashells into my ivory flat sheet to give a bit of vintage flair. 

I was ready to take it one step further and add a lace trim, but Danielle quickly pulled me off the ledge and said, “that’s too much!”

Pioneer Linens is one of my favorite sources because they offer so many wonderful big and small brands. Being able to see so many different linens in one place really helps you get a good feel for how the overall ‘bedroom’ look will develop into – plus I’m like a little like a kid in a candy store when I go into their Clematis location. It’s like buying a new pair of shoes – they always fit,” Danielle affirmed.

I couldn’t agree more. I love how my little “bedroom” has turned out. The construction of each fabric piece and blend of each material from Pioneer Linens definitely embodies a cozy and inspiring place as I’d imagine.

Stephanie HIll shares My Essentials for the Coziest Bed on The Style Bungalow Team

Confession: it’s made it harder for me to get out of bed early in the morning! 

Xo, Stephanie


  • Love how your bedroom turned out! Especially love the Prints above the bed. You have probably linked them somewhere but cant seem to find where. Where Did you buy Them? Can you Maybe link them? You`re such a source of inspiration! <3

    • Thank you so much! The prints above my bed were taken during my trip to India two years ago with my photographer. Unfortunately they’re not for sale but I highly recommend looking into to your personal collection of imagery for artwork – you never know what you might already have!

      Xx, Stephanie

    • Hi Gina! Thank you so much – I have no clue what color white this is because it’s what my landlord uses for all the apartments in our building!

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