My Favorite Coffee Table Books Right Now

Stephanie Hill features My Favorite Coffee Table Books Right Now on The Style Bungalow

I would not consider myself a “morning” person. But what about those beautiful AM sunrises…? 

Nope, still a hard “no.”

At a time when it is normal for hours to slip by because of quarantine, especially on rainy summer days, I just want to spend a few extra minutes (maybe an hour max, I promise) in my silky sheets and comfy pajamas (read more here). In other instances, I wake up abruptly feeling anxious and disheveled; yet I consciously make an effort to toss the covers off, refresh and make my way towards my breakfast nook determined to restore those moments with something inspiring. 

When I think of my late grandfather, a salsa composer, I imagine what it was like seeing his orchestra perform live and cannot help but smile at the gift of music he has left behind, while also being reminded of the songs he loved (some composed by his friends!). I put on a playlist with these old songs, which permeate my apartment with beautiful memories and joyful thoughts. Not only is music therapeutic, but this particular genre deeply moves me. As my godmother said last week, “you are definitely your grandfather’s granddaughter!” 

I get my first cup of Nespresso started, I’m usually between the Melozio, Colombia or limited edition Cafe de Cuba — sometimes I sip all three options depending on the day. My mood lifts to the rhythm and percussion instruments of the classical Latin melodies leaving my heart feeling light, a bit whimsy and happy…

Lifestyle Blogger Stephanie Hill shares My Favorite Coffee Table Books Right Now on The Style Bungalow

After about 30 minutes or so, I skim through a few emails just to see if anything is urgent. Then, I move into the living space where I curl up on my soft sofa with a second cup of coffee in hand. I love the way the light sneaks in from the curtains around 11AM, regardless if it’s stormy or sunny, I still get a decent amount of sunlight in my apartment (it’s part of the reason I moved there!). Noticing how it’s glistening over a handful of the coffee table books I have collected over time, it dawned on me, I realized I have not had a chance to leaf through many of them lately! Maybe I did not want to see all the glamorous moments and dreamy travels painted across each page while being in quarantine round two? 

Instead I found comfort in these pages after picking up where I left off. It definitely sparked creativity, imagination and new inspiration. Accompanied by my favorite Latin music in the background, I could not help but be transported back into a time way before now. Hours passed, 5 books later. I discovered stunning angles and approaches to vintage photography, fashion, interior design and florals. Stories and photographs I had never seen before, which provided an element of wonder that I probably would not have found on Pinterest. It instilled a sense of hope, a reminder that “the pendulum will swing back again…” 

We are all human and are not meant to feel happy all the time, but I am learning it’s worth it to create positive moments especially during the tougher days. So rather than worrying about the “what if’s” and fleeting uncertain emotions surrounding this weird chapter we’re currently living in, I counter it with a better activity: putting on my favorite music (inspired by my grandfather) and making a delicious cup of Cafe de Cuba Nespresso (or two) paired with a selection of wonderful coffee table books that transport me to a different era…

Xo, Stephanie

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