The Inspiration Behind My “Bedroom”

Stephanie Hill reveals The Inspiration Behind My "Bedroom" on The Style Bungalow

When I first moved into my one bedroom apartment, I thoughtlessly ordered a mid-century bed frame to go with it… 

Then, Danielle, my interior designer came over to plan and discuss some of the design in person. One look at the bed, she asked, “You’re going to get rid of this right?”

I immediately returned it.

So, I ordered a custom bed which took 4 months to complete. However, it sadly didn’t work out. It was a queen-size…which was way too big for the tiny corner I had allotted to create my “bedroom” so we moved it to our Miami apartment. This meant we were back to the drawing board AND with one month left to go before the apartment reveal (at this point, I was trying not to panic but I definitely had a breakdown…or two). 

After researching options and seeing what else was out there, we were left with a custom upholstered headboard as our only hope because my space was simply too small for anything else. “A classic floating headboard attached to the wall is the best design fit for the space, Steph.” I couldn’t agree more. “The floating headboard would create an illusion of an upholstered bed…the fabric from the headboard will match the custom bed skirt which will create continuity.” All I needed was a basic bed frame… 

I loved this idea! 

Here’s why…

Back when I visited Ravello, I remembered seeing the most beautiful bed. It was made with a gorgeous, green floral fabric. Naturally, I texted Danielle because I fell in love with it. “It’s beautiful. And I know the perfect person who will have the best option for us. Let’s set up a time to chat with my good friend and textile designer, Schuyler Samperton, when you return.”

The brand has a collection of exuberant prints all designed by Los Angeles designer, Schuyler. “I’ve been passionate about textiles for as long as I can remember…I gravitate towards fabrics that look old and exotic with a handmade quality.” She is best known for her modern-classic style – an imaginative blend of color, pattern and texture combined with low-key and elegant pieces. Schuyler has been showcased in Vogue Living as one of “Today’s Tastemakers” among many other publications.

We got started right away especially with the hard deadline ahead (t-minus one month). And Schuyler suggested Eden for the fabric with the color Meadow, which reflected the similar design I fell in love with back in Ravello. This would make up our floating headboard material, bed skirt and accent pillows and create a wonderful contrast surrounding my bed. Miraculously, we were able to accomplish what we needed in time; and now, I have custom pieces that were inspired by some of my fondest travel memories…all within my cozy apartment. 

Style Blogger Stephanie Hill reveals The Inspiration Behind My "Bedroom" on The Style Bungalow

Xo, Stephanie


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