Tips on Selecting the Right Window Treatments

Tips on Selecting the Right Window Treatment by Style Blogger Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

Tips on Selecting the Right Window Treatment by Style Blogger Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

I’m a millennial and you’re saying I need window treatment?

I thought plantation shutters and blinds were enough!

Through Danielle’s (my interior designer) guidance and careful instruction, I quickly learned how layering with the right drapery and window coverings could enhance an entire design space. In fact, because of the sizing of my apartment and the aesthetic we wanted to accomplish, we felt that custom window treatments were the best fit and we worked with no one better than The Shade Store.

The Shade Store is a family-run, premium custom window treatment company with a rich heritage in luxury textiles and interior design. They have an exclusive collection of over 1,300 (in-stock) fabrics and materials, which means an unparalleled level of style and customization options. I love that every window treatment is handcrafted in the US by a skilled artisan…and it ships out in 10 days or less complimentary. 

When we got down to selecting specific items, Danielle shared how “I really want your space to have that subtle tropical undertone you love and because you’re based in Florida, “Willow” *pinch pleat drapes will bring out the colors of the palm trees viewed from your windows, which will give a sense of vibrancy to the room.” She was right, I couldn’t help but fall for my mossy green drapes, which were hung on beautiful brass rods throughout my apartment. “The woven *Roman shades add a textural element in a natural material that creates a beautiful contrast reflective of the other natural materials we used – sisal rug and pieces made from rattan, wicker and bamboo.” I mean, why use one window treatment when you can have two? I absolutely love the combination here. Danielle’s always emphasized, “have multiple layers within rooms for adaptable purposes.” Plus, this combination creates an inspiring, vintage feeling that I so love without having my grandmother’s curtain look. 

Tips on Selecting the Right Window Treatment by Style Blogger Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

*Pinch pleat drapes feature pleats sewn at just the top, giving fabric the look of being pinched from the end (as shown).

*Roman shades fold up into themselves to open, usually via a chain pull. (via House Beautiful)

Since my walls are white, a color I quickly painted right when I moved into the space, we needed a true pop of color that lends to a warm and inviting appeal. We knew “Willow” was the right choice because it easily tied back and brought out the other green accents (like my statement chair) within the apartment and was a great contrast to the muted pinks. “Go ahead and paint the window sills black, Steph.” I never would have thought of incorporating black paint into the picture, but Danielle could already tell how much more character, depth and contrast it would add to the window treatments (and whole space).

Now, “mount it as high as possible,” Danielle advised. 

Genius idea. 

Had she mounted the window treatments where they traditionally should have been, it would have made the room feel smaller and more crowded, especially given how many windows I have. So naturally, she wanted to hang them higher to create an open, cozy and inviting space. Placing them higher (right under the crown molding) also meant more room for light to come in, which is ideal because I love all the natural light.

Looking back, I wouldn’t do anything different. I’m so thankful we nailed down the window treatments early on in the design process because they ended up being a huge focal point, and a great way to add color to a space without painting the walls. 

And to answer my past-self, yes, being a millennial does mean quality transitional pieces matter – especially if they are window treatments.

Working with The Shade Store has been such a rewarding collaboration. My space feels even more grand because of these custom gems and design trick.

Xo, Stephanie


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