Long live the 90s

CROP TOP (similar here, here and here),BAGGY JEANS, SANDALS, BELT BAG: (c/o) eBay

What’s (sorta) new?

And just like that we’re back to the ‘90s…

Mhm, (hit us) baby one more time!

I mean who didn’t love watching Friends or jamming out to the theme of Fresh Prince (yes, I know all the words to the song in case you’re wondering). Remember when Spice Girls took over? And MTV? Let’s not forget Queen Selena, too.

Wow, talk about memory lane. It’s hard not to get nostalgic without a nod back to ‘90s fashion, too. Are you already thinking Clueless or Sex and the City? Samesies.

Long live the look(s)…

How does oversized denim, retro tees from Levi’s or New Balance, cropped tops, plaid blazers, minimalism, anything from Christian Lacroix, bucket hats… maybe even a classic belt bag from Ferragamo sound or look familiar today? These throwbacks have made a major comeback this year and I’m (obvi) all about it…

Say My Name, Say My Name.

Question is… where does one who loves the 90s shop all these modernized pieces now? I know a name! Remember that treasure trove of mine? The one I’ve mentioned once or twicethree times on The Style Bungalow? Yup, it’s no secret eBay’s the end-game in my book. It’s got it all going on with anything and everything (from yesterday, today and tomorrow) in one hub… ugh, like say what?

Which is why eBay continues to be one of my personal favorite sites and long kept secrets…

Keeping things fresh + bringing it full circle.

As seen in today’s look, these pieces easily reflect the ‘90s, but with a contemporary twist. Like my crop top paired with baggy denim, I can’t help but add shape to these comfy pants with a belt bag. I mean why only wear a belt when you can rock a chic belt-bag?

Let’s not forget the shoes. Remember when strappy sandals were the only option? Not only are these sandals cute as a button (pun intended), but the pop of orange adds spunk.

Mhm I’ll say it again… trendy, cute and efficient are qualities I welcome to any outfit! Can you believe all of which can be discovered on eBay? One stop, yass I’ll shop! To recap:

It’s as easy as…

  1. Use eBay Authenticate when buying designer
  2. If it’s a luxury brand, make sure it’s verified
  3. Look for misspellings in the description
  4. Ask for more pictures!
  5. Read the seller’s reviews
  6. Skip the bidding and use the ‘Buy It Now’ feature (if you needed it like yesterday)

Still confused? Click here to read more about how I shop eBay.

And confession: Yes, I totally pulled the trigger on a few pieces for NYFW. I can’t wait to share!

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you eBay for sponsoring this post!]


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