Wild for Monnier Frères

BLOUSE, JEANS, BAG, EARRINGS, HEELS: (old) affordable; splurge

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Ten years ago (before my blog), I was a starving ballerina. I transitioned into PR, which then moved into a few freelance jobs just to barely cover my expenses. Shopping for clothing and accessories took a backseat (like way in the back), but it was always top of mind. Designers like Oscar de la Renta, Valentino and Jimmy Choo were a few favorites to window shop and add to my years of wish lists. Yes, the daydream game was strong…

I’ll skip the part where negative account balances, unrealistic clients and mean landlords to the part where I started my own business – and things leveled out little by little. Today I’m not only blogging but I’m at the early stages of building a brand. It’s empowering; it’s rewarding.

With that, came new opportunities and eventually I was able to save up and finally buy the accessories I’ve (now mentally) saved like eons ago.

So where do I shop today for designer accessories? I’ve said it once. I’ve said it twice. I’ve said it three times! Monnier Frères. Instead of combing through multiple sites and having to remember where all my favorite items were, I now go straight to Monnier Frères. They house some of the best brands, which has made my love for accessories easy and accessible. No need to window shop.

My latest accessory crushes have been these red (optional: black) Oscar De La Renta earrings and leopard Attico bag (I love this style too!). They’re investments, yes, but perfect for the holidays and seasons to come.

To change things up, I had my assistant ask me a few questions about style + how to accessorize.

How do I amp up a boring look?

Accessories… this is where your personality can shine. I invest heavily in this area because accessories are a “one size fits all meaning, you’ll always be able to wear them.

I tend to start with shoes (I work from the bottom up). If I feel like being girly, I’ll throw on heels. Comfortable? Ferragamo loafers. But let’s stick to heels for this example.

Girly, right? I’ll throw on oversized earrings, grab a blush pink tote and tortoise shell sunglasses. Tortoise sunglasses go with brown and black so they are super practical. Last but not least? A red lip to stay “on theme.” (wink)

Less or more? Why?

I personally think “less is bore, more and more” but that’s me. There’s no right answer. Embrace what feels comfortable to you and run with it. The key to looking “stylish” is to have a clear direction and to be confident in that.

Gold or silver?

I love both (especially silver over the holidays) but gold tends to look better against my skin tone!

Heels or flats?

Heels, 100%. However, that doesn’t mean heels are appropriate for all situations (think: sailing) so I do embrace flats from time to time. As I mentioned before, I’m loving these Ferragamo loafers as an alternative to my heel addiction.

What’s the “it” color?

Pantone says it’s ultra-violet, which I get. But pink and red are everywhere right now.

What should I highly consider pairing with my holiday dress this year?

Panty hose is making a fun comeback this year! Anything sparkly and oversized (check out Shourouk’s line for inspiration!) as well as belts! Designers are belting everything to give clothing shape and I am here for it!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received (about accessorizing)?

I think you should style quickly and go with your gut. 9/10 your gut is spot on. So throw on everything you want to wear then on your way out, take one piece off. Or not. Up to you!

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you MONNIER Frères for sponsoring today’s post!]

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