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 [Chelsae Anne Photography]

Jacket: TJ Maxx $39.99/Sports Bra: (c/o) Marshalls $12.99 (normally $18)/Leggings: (c/o) Marshalls $16.99 (normally $24)/Tennis shoes: (c/o) New Balance via Marshalls $39.99 (normally $65)/Tote: (c/o) Living Pattern

My favorite workout, other than a dance class, is yoga because it’s the perfect blend of strengthening and stretching. Not only does it push my body and muscles, but it makes me feel good, too!

While yoga isn’t exactly black and white, I do try to abide by some dos and don’t when it comes to my yoga gear. First and foremost, I like to be comfortable and wear fitted clothes so I can focus on my poses and meditate instead of futzing with my outfit in the middle of class. I usually wear fitted leggings, like this pair from Marshalls, a sports bra (depending on what type of yoga I’m attending), tank top and some sort of jacket to layer up with just in case it’s a little chilly before class. I also try to wear clothing that is both made out of a breathable fabric (like a stretch cotton, jersey or spandex) and sweat resistant (especially for Bikram yoga classes).

Ready to buy new workout gear?

Head over to your local Marshalls between Oct. 23-30, share your #fabfound’s with me by commenting below or by uploading it to Instagram tagging, @thestylebungalow, and you could win a $25 gift card!


Xo, Stephanie

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