Back in Florida <3

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Having spent nearly two weeks in New York City crammed in a tiny Airbnb + hotel room, I cannot be more grateful to be back in South Florida where I call this place home. Happy to be back shooting away!

Today’s look – literally, like head-to-toe – is compliments of Express Petites! Ever since they announced “Petites,” I’ve been shopping their line like a shopaholic mad woman.

I cannot stress this enough but fit is incredibly important to me and how I build my outfits. Being petite, everything I try on is too big for my frame. Therefore, forcing me to regularly haul my closet to the tailor. Don’t get me wrong, I love my tailor. My tailor is a miracle woman. She can breathe new life into a garment that’s been sitting in my closet for years months. She’s able to make my legs look longer with a couple stiches “here and there.” I go from “blah” to “baaamm” when I see her. She’s incredible. And there are many bonuses to seeing a tailor… but at some point, it becomes really costly so it’s incredibly refreshing to be able to finally wear something “off the rack” and onto the blog.

For those wondering, I’m wearing a XXSP blouse here. You can wear it with a ruffled mini skirt or with a corset (coming soon). My accessories are also from Express… my gold sandals, statement earrings, rings and mini bag included.

Shop it below… (and be sure to sign up for Express emails to stay up to date with their ahhh-mazing sales!)

Xo, Stephanie

P.S. Since I’m back in Florida and back to wearing PJs all day, I’m happy to report that I’m back to blogging! Check back tomorrow for a new look (it’s a classic one!), Tuesday for my NYFW recap (and BIG sale news), and so on… mwa!

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