Blazin’ the Way


Blazers. Blazers. Blazers. Blazers.

That’s officially the name of the game this fall, in case you missed the memo and live under a rock. AKA you missed seeing like every fashion girl wear a blazer during fashion month.

The good news? There’s a strong chance you already have a blazer sitting in your closet. Yep, that one. The one you thought you’d only wear to work – not on the weekends.

If that’s you, I’m about to change your mind this season. I’ve already purchased like 5 new blazers and plan to share them all season long. No, I’m not a shopaholic. Ok, maybe yes.

For those of you who aren’t super huge fans of “office wear,” I get you. Trust me, while I love a good pencil skirt and button-down blouse, I’m not a huge fan of clichés either. I like doing things differently; rebelling against the rules. (Fun fact: I was the girl in high school who got detentions for dress code, not for misbehaving. AT LEAST I WAS FASHIONABLE!) A blazer, for example, can look cool and fashion-forward. You just have to think outside the box. Which is why I’m here!

One of the ways you can do that is through different silhouettes. So think: Boyfriend. Oversized. Cropped. Colorful. Extra long. Not so basic. You get it…

You can also style a blazer with “cool-girl” accessories, like a graphic tee and white pumps. I love the one’s I’m wearing from River Island today. Or cools shades and a denim miniskirt (this one runs big) to keep it modern and fresh.

Oh yeah, and about River Island. Did I mention how awesome their website is for affordable clothing?  So if you want to do damage to your bank account – especially today, Columbus Day, when you can take 20% off –  use code: COLUMBUS17 and check em’ out!

Ciao ciao!

Xo, Stephanie

[Photography by Chelsae Anne]

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