Classic Pieces from Nordstrom Starting at $30

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Today I’m very conscious about what I buy and put in my closet. Call it pandemic-fatigue? At some point last year, I took a hard look at my wardrobe and realized how impractical it was. Though my growing collection of statement blouses and cocktail dresses were beautiful, they no longer served purpose during lockdown so I got rid of them and shifted my priorities from, “how can I stand out” to “how can I make my wardrobe last,” a luxury (I realize) few experienced last year. 

Admittedly, I also felt lost during this time in my life. (I think we all did at some point?) The world was a very different place back then and I was worried for our health, families and jobs. I craved quality, comfort and longevity as my husband and I moved into our first home together, got married and settled into a new routine – one that involved a lot of changes. (THINK: wine and cashmere)


COTTON DRESS (under $100)

But even as I go back to normal, dine and shop outside our home again, I still find myself grabbing the same cotton poplin dresses and oversized-button down shirts as last year. Not because I haven’t shopped – I’ve definitely shopped – but because I don’t think this newfound approach to dressing “practically” is going anywhere soon, for me at least. And to that I mean…I don’t want to toss out half of my wardrobe this year because it went out of style. 



I’m not snobby about it either. I believe clothing that costs $50 or $500 or $5000 can serve a purpose and be worn frequently if it’s the right item to add to your wardrobe. Besides, only wearing luxury (for the sake of buying luxury) no longer feels interesting to me. It’s the “layering” I love most…a luxe sweater draped over a $100 dress, worn with a French market bag and timeless shoes. *wink*

With that, I wanted to share a few classic pieces I found on Nordstrom recently because this week’s the legendary Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (see, I got you). These Nordstrom-made pieces won’t last forever, nor will their price tags! (That means new arrivals are offered at sale prices.) 

  1. Cotton Dress (under $100)
  2. Cashmere Sweater
  3. Linen Pants
  4. Organic Cotton Midi Skirt (under $40)
  5. Cotton blouse (under $50)
  6. Ivory Shorts (under $50) 
  7. Crochet Crop Top (under $30)
  8. Organic Pointelle Tank (under $30)

CROCHET CROP TOP (under $30) 

IVORY SHORTS (under $50)

Did I mention that they’re all ivory and white tones? I did this on purpose so you could easily mix and match everything. *wink wink*

Xo, Stephanie 

P.S: Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns, free alterations, curbside pickup, countless rewards and perks as part of their Loyalty Program! 

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