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BLOUSE: Maje – similar/SKORT: Maje – similar here and here/BLAZER: H&M/HEELS: (c/o) Shopbop – more options here/TOTE: (c/o) Neiman Marcus/EARRINGS: (c/o) BaubleBar/WATCH: (c/o) Cluse

As women, we’re programmed to take care of others. Whether that be your significant other, a sick family member, your bestie who’s going through, like, the world’s WORST breakup, your startup, whatever – we don’t concentrate enough on ourselves. Then we do stupid things like seek validation in others for the love we don’t have.

Listen. You and I both know that deep down inside, we can’t fully love someone else until we love ourselves first. Not to be super emotional or anything but many women (including me) know what it’s like to not put “love myself” on my to-do list and instead run around like a crazy person ticking everything off that list until they ultimately crash and burn. No bueno.

Along my path to learn more about myself and work on being a better person, I discovered the importance of this. Not because Oprah told me to. Or my mom. But because I literally crashed and burned from working way too much. To the point where I knew something had to change.

I know I’ve talked about this – and continue – to talk about this SO much because it’s a topic close to my heart…

So now, I do something everyday that’s solely for me. Lately, that means taking dance classes. Or buying myself something special, like a beautiful new watch.

To you, this might look like getting a massage. Or soaking in a hot bubble bath while reading a new book. Or practice saying no. Or asking your best friend to list 10 things they love about you…

If you’re aspiring to do something big one day – chances are, you’re super busy and want to do it. I get it. Been there. Still there. Just don’t crash and burn. Especially on a day that celebrates love, Valentine’s Day! Take time for yourself. Do something extra special. Buy the watch. (Side note, I adore the one I’m wearing in today’s look! It’s from Cluse and it’s PINK!)

And above all, remember that the love you want is already inside of you. You just need to embrace it. <3

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you Cluse for sponsoring this post!]

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