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As a little girl, I was always attracted to my mother’s jewelry. I would hide in her closet for hours gazing at the intricacies of her pieces – the shapes, the colors, the metals – until she would find me draped in her jewelry and say, “Stephanie! What on earth are you doing?!”

Eventually, she would sit next to me and explain where each piece came from as we put everything away in her jewelry box. “This broach came from my mother’s collection.” “Your father bought this necklace in Europe.” “This gold bangle was from David Yurman; a gift I bought myself.” “I found these rings at a flea market.” “These earrings are real – DO NOT TOUCH.” Sigh, I’ll never forget those drop diamond earrings…

Each piece told a story.

It was in those early years of my childhood that I realized the significance of jewelry and why jewelry was important to your style. Jewelry made my mother feel special. At times, glamourous. And boy was she proud of her collection…

Much like my mother’s jewelry collection, mine has evolved into a sophisticated (and eclectic) assortment of necklaces, statement earrings and rings. It’s a work in progress and a collection I add to every time something big happens in my life like a milestone or a celebration. Each piece I cherish and can wear 10 years from now…

I realize buying luxury jewelry happens on a rare occasion, but if you’re looking to build a collection or are searching for a gift that will make your daughter, girlfriend, wife feel special this holiday season, I suggest you start with David Yurman.

David Yurman offers a range in pricing, making pieces like my Cable Classic Band Ring quite affordable… (Click here for gifts under $1000.)

You should find jewelry that’s playful, fashion-forward and fun. A pop of color like the colorful champagne citrine gemstone on my necklace for the Colorful Gemstones gift shop. And remember that no matter what, diamonds are a girl’s best friend so consider splurging on statement earrings, as shown here in today’s look.

So whether you’re looking to start your collection, add to it or give a priceless gift this holiday season, David Yurman has you covered (in diamonds, of course). Browse some of my favorite pieces below…

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you David Yurman for sponsoring this post!]


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