Those Details Though

Those Details Though - The Style Bungalow

Those Details Though - The Style Bungalow

Those Details Though - The Style Bungalow

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

TOP, SHORTS, HEELS, BAG: (c/o) Neiman Marcus/SCARF: (c/o) Donni Charm

Between Portugal, Houston, NYC, Florida and now… Vancouver (throw in a flat tire, filming 4 Youtube videos and countless outfits), I’ve barely had time to think! Let alone put a ton of thought into what I feature on the blog this month. I normally take great care in what I post (because you guys deserve nothing but the best content) but lately, that’s been hard. Not. Gunna. Lie.

I recently went to Neiman Marcus Boca Raton to do a little damage and came across this cute Frank & Eileen top. I took it home with me thinking I would pair it with a jean midi skirt but, ran late for a shoot so I just threw it together with a pair of shorts. I quickly grabbed this mini scarf, my go-to Chloe (#swoon) bag and some nude sandals (because everything goes with nude) and prayed it would work.

Sometimes my favorite outfits are the ones I just throw together. The ones I don’t put much thought into. Where I just listen to my gut, grab em’, steam em’ and dash out the door for a shoot, hoping it all comes together in the photos.

Trust me, finding that happy medium between looking chic and polish and looking like you’re trying WAY to hard is not easy, especially if your untucked shirt could look sloppy or your scarf is a tad wrinkled from wrapping it around your purse handle the day before.

But I have to say, I love this look. It’s so easy and so effortless. And in my book, that’s key. So how do I do it? Well, it’s actually quite easy. Because it’s all in the details.

Those Details Though - The Style Bungalow

Sometimes the simple addition of an accessory, like this killer bag and scarf can make all the difference. As if you effortlessly threw this outfit together. Other details like these cute, chunky sandals (a take on your traditional nude heel) and this dotted button-down aid in the, “oh this outfit? I just threw it together!” look you’re going for.

Those Details Though - The Style Bungalow

Those Details Though - The Style Bungalow

If you’re busy, like me, or just plain lazy (totally ok) – my best piece of advice is to invest, invest, INVEST in your accessories. Or, when shopping – look for pieces that stand out to you. Maybe the button down has little polka dots or stripes? Maybe that blazer has cool stitching? Or maybe that clutch is made out of straw?

What are some of the ways you avoid trying to hard while looking great?

Xo, Stephanie


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