Emerging Designers I Love VII

Stephanie Hill features Emerging Designers I Love VII on The Style Bungalow

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill features Emerging Designers I Love VII on The Style Bungalow

It’s a crazy time in fashion, there’s no doubt about that. The fashion industry’s changing rapidly from one day to the next; presented with new challenges like sustainability, inclusivity and coronavirus concerns, to name a few. Which has me rethinking my blog a lot and whether I’m serving my audience the best way I possibly can. 

I started this series, Emerging Designers I Love about three years ago out of sheer passion for discovering (and wearing) clothing from new, up-and-coming talent. It originated in Latin America, partly to pay homage to my roots and my appreciation for Latin American fashion (mom’s Cuban-Puerto Rican-Spanish; dad’s American) and partly to position The Style Bungalow as a true source of inspiration for beautiful, feminine brands. Today the series includes talent from all over the world, not just Latin America, and has become one of my favorites to write, but with this weird (and uncertain) time, it’s admittedly taken a backseat as I’ve struggled to find my footing again in fashion and reprioritize what matters most (family…friends…health…our home…job security). 

When I think back to my first Stitch Lab pop-up event in Miami, I remember spending hours connecting with so many incredible designers (Maygel Coronel, Stella & Amelia, Casa Lima, Tao Jewelry and Glory Ang Atelier…) in person. Each one passionately explained their brand vision and gifted me with some of the most beautiful pieces…many I still wear today. Those designers have gone on to accomplish big things, yet continue to remain true to their vision and beliefs. For this reason, I continue to stand behind Stitch Lab’s mission to help underrepresented businesses (many women-owned brands) thrive in new, uncharted international markets and will continue to share my platform with small brands because so many are undoubtedly facing some hard challenges right now… 

So with that said, (and if you’re in the mood for some shopping!), check out the following designers who caught my eye (thanks to Stitch Lab) this month. 

Tahi Shoes

A Colombian handmade shoe brand founded by sisters, Lisette and Karina Barakat, who carefully implement high quality textiles including: brocades, linens and satin velvets to name a few into the most colorful, elegant styles. 


Inspired by the beauty of nature, such as majestic animals, feathers and blooms, this Colombian handmade jewelry brand harnesses the wild splendor of nature to create pieces meant to transition from everyday to special occasions.


In 2016 Venezuelan designer and artist, Maria Alejandra Perez launched her slow fashion, resort wear brand based in Miami, Florida. Authentic, unique and ethically-made, each style is hand-painted and signed by Maria. Fact: though, all her statement pieces take about two-weeks to be made, you’ll have the option to truly customize your dress with your initial or full name, right after you place an order. *Thank you Maria for my dress!


Formed in Mexico by two siblings, Maria and Sebastian, who had a vision to “redefine the concept of swimwear by creating an elegant and versatile brand through the design of garments that can be used on any occasion.” From jeans to the beach, I absolutely love how each design can be worn so many different ways. 

Palma Canaria

Created by a mother-daughter duo with a passion for fashion and design is Palm Canaria; a Colombian accessory brand that’s considered innovative, fun with unique styles that has a story attached to each piece. I admire that the founders are also committed to “…fair work and recognition are fundamental pillars to walk a path in which the artisans feel empowered, transmitting their culture and telling their story to the world.”


A stunning Colombian multidimensional textile studio that celebrates tradition by weaving in a distinctive selection of homewares, fashion accessories and conceptual art pieces. All of which carry the belief that today’s ultimate luxury is through sustainable craftsmanship…and I couldn’t agree more. 

From metal rugs to silver-plated handbags, Verdi combines all its designs for the aesthetic and socially inclined. 

You can imagine why I already have my hands on this one!


Goretty Medina (pictured)

I’ve featured Goretty’s ultra-feminine designs before, and adore her take on everyday clothing. Although she’s not with Stitch Lab this year, her brand is still worthy of a shoutout. Goretty crafts fashion pieces that dress beautifully — are sophisticated, tropical with light and colorful fabrics, and white as the brand color. She also designs pieces for special occasions including bridal gowns and party dresses.

I’m beyond grateful to have a space where I can share and spotlight Emerging Designers I Love with you…stay tuned for the next one!

Xo, Stephanie

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