Emerging Latin Designers I Love Pt. V

Stephanie Hill talks about Emerging Latin Designers I Love V on The Style Bungalow

It’s been a little while, but we’re back at it with the latest edition of Emerging Latin Designers I Love this month. The days and minutes have seriously flown by and I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner. There’s so much happening, yet so much to look forward to! That said, I didn’t want to let this month slip away without sharing some recent designers you’ve seen me wear and ones I’m keeping on my radar. 

Alexandra Bueno

I’ve always been drawn to feminine silhouettes and beautifully-structured ruffles, so it’s no surprise that I fell in love with Alexandra Bueno’s collection, too. She features overlapping garments, beautiful balloon sleeves and frayed finishes inspired from her colorful Colombian culture; I was so excited to wear my recent piece during Miami Art Week. It was the perfect neutral look with a dramatic edge.


Stephanie Hill wears PatBO in Emerging Latin Designers I Love V on The Style Bungalow

Dress: (c/o) Patbo (ordered larger size on purpose, similar version here and here)

Necklaces: (c/o) Missoma

Earrings: Shashi 

Although not a Latin brand, but a Brazilian one, I can’t begin to explain to you how wonderful it was meeting the talented and brilliant founder of PatBo, Patricia Bonaldi, at Art Basel. Her story is so pure and inspiring that I had to include her. From the very beginning, her ambition and heart behind what she does has propelled her to where she is today. She continuously gives back to the community through the school she founded in her hometown and has employed over 500 local artisans. Her generosity is beyond contagious. Stitch by stitch, I love how Patricia’s designs reflect tropical prints, an intricate embroidery and modern cuts while placing the focus on swimwear and resort wear. I cannot wait to wear her brand in 2020!


Stephanie Hill wears Azulu in Emerging Latin Designers I Love V on The Style Bungalow

Dress: Azulu

Earrings: Oscar de la Renta (similar here)

Sandals:  Jimmy Choo, similar here and here

Another Colombian favorite to add to the list is Azulu. From unique accessories to stunning contemporary dresses, this fashion label embraces the confidence and spirit of the modern woman. Drawing inspiration from the arts, Azulu designs its pieces to be relevant and timeless (like this red dress here). 

Palma Canaria

Created by a mother and daughter duo who’s committed to integrity, fair work and recognition, their brand, Palma Canaria, has a story attached to each of its pieces. Infused with the Colombian culture and their love for the beach and sea, the designs take form of a unique, versatile and fun accessory. And I cannot wait to get my hands on one this season!


Jorge Redondo, the founder of Redondo, quotes, “When I design, I think of a woman without fear of anything.” Fearless — I absolutely love that. In my eyes, his pieces truly capture the essence of romance and femininity. The fact that he’s committed to creating a collection that’s both delicate and striking has become an art that I’ve admired and I cannot wait to purchase one.

Johanna Ortiz x H&M 

I know I’ve mentioned her before, but she’s one of my absolute favorite designers ever (my recent looks here and here) who just designed a collection with H&M — which is BIG and exciting news. Created for lovers of ruffles and endless summers, Colombian designer Johanna Ortiz released four exclusive dresses with beautiful floral prints…and I already have two!

Xo, Stephanie

Blouse: Alexandra Bueno 

Skirt: Alexandra Bueno

Earrings: (c/o) Missoma

Sandals: (c/o) Bally


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