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Top of the morning! It’s Monday. Who’s ready for a pop quiz?

What’s the FIRST thing I look for when shopping for clothing?

a.) Fit

b.) Style – trendy vs. classic

c.) Price

d.) Quality

If you answered a.) you’re correct (and probably a longtime reader)! While style, price and quality are all SUPER important factors to consider when shopping, I tend to place FIT above everything else.

I used to think being petite was a serious impediment to my style. I couldn’t wear much unless my clothing was professional tailored which became expensive – real quick. And back in my PR days (see yesterday’s post), I didn’t exactly have that luxury…

so I only shopped from stores that fit. Which narrowed my options to like one or two brands (note, this was back in the day).

FACT: Very few brands in the US carry petite-friendly lines. It’s pretty uncommon here. So when a major brand like Express, for example, comes out with one – I remain loyal AF. I cannot tell you how incredibly refreshing it is to shop freely without stressing over the added costs of tailoring. And above all, how sexy and confident I feel wearing an outfit that accentuates the good parts of my body. (For me, that’s my waist and legs.) This is why I continue to partner with them!

So in continuing with the petite-friendly theme (and ongoing fall + winter inspiration) here’s today’s details from Express Petites.

I’m wearing a three-button oversized plaid blazer with a faux-leather miniskirt. (How cool are those zipper accents?!) I paired it with a crisp white shirt; a nice compliment to the light grey jacket. And sleek black slingbacks… adding a stylish and feminine polished look to the outfit. I (of course) accented my look with statement earrings and bright red lipstick.

The best part? Everything fits and flatters my figure. No tailoring needed. #winning

Hope everyone has a great start to their week! As always, shop today’s look below…

Xo, Stephanie

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

[Thank you Express for sponsoring this post!]


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