Fashion’s New Normal

Lifestyle Blogger Stephanie Hill features Fashion's New Normal on The Style Bungalow

Earlier this month, we placed this story on hold in order to amplify Black voices. We know it’s more important than ever to talk to one another, and keep the conversation going. There’s still work to do, and while we recognize business will never operate “per usual” again, we’ve decided to hit “resume” today with more intention and action

Last month, I was beyond elated when our “stay-at-home” restrictions loosened up, just in time for Memorial Day! To celebrate, I surprised my fiancé with a reservation at Echo in Palm Beach, our new favorite sushi spot. “Get ready – we’re going out!” 

As I stared at my closet wondering what to wear, I thought, “Will people dress up again?” and found myself suddenly wondering how we will treat fashion from here. What will the future bring? 

Per usual my fiancé asked for my advice, “Should I wear a button-down or long sleeve t-shirt?” Under normal circumstances I would suggest the button-down, but knowing so many are returning to comfort, I opted for the t-shirt. He paused, as if to question my decision, then walked away smiling. (At heart, he’s a casual guy.) Nonetheless, he turned around to double-check, “You sure? – It’s a nice restaurant, right?” “Yes, go for it…just wear nice shoes. Ok?” This my friends is what I call “compromise” in a relationship.

It’s no surprise I do my best to avoid trends in fashion. Not because I don’t love experimenting, but because I care about curating a timeless wardrobe. Being someone who’s dealt with a severe case of overflowing closets faced with lots of, “Do I donate or keep this?” to retrofitting my only bedroom into a walk-in closet, it’s become important to me to stick to the classics and remain intentional about what I buy; otherwise I’ll drown in clothing. I’m also tired of consuming so much and catering to fast-fashion’s ever-changing trends, which seems to speed up year over year. I find myself driven by craftsmanship, quality and timelessness with a vision that’s relevant today, tomorrow and spans the years to come. 

But what do you do if you love dressing up? How do you accept this new notion of fashion while still expressing your individuality? Does it make sense to dine at a restaurant today blinged out in labels, bold accessories and heels?  

*For me, the last part about wearing heels has required some adjusting. But for the sake of date night, I put them on for the first time in months and boy, did it feel good. 

If there’s a silver lining here, it’s that the world has been forced to reflect long and hard about our purchasing choices. Asking ourselves, “Does this make sense a year from now?” because you never know what the future holds. It’s one thing to buy loungewear and cute PJs, it’s quite another to splurge on a new handbag right now. And from where?  

Allow me to reintroduce my go-to luxury handbag brand, Brahmin. If you haven’t heard me talk about them before, just take a peek at my Instagram to see the many times I’ve styled their bags. Always versatile and stylish, Brahmin continues to have a place in my closet regardless of how many times I’ve cleaned and reorganized it. There’s a certain quality (and intentionality) about Brahmin that I admire, in fact it’s what allows their design to stand the test of time. I believe in the integrity and vision behind the brand. Plus, their price points remain conservative (not cheap, but not expensive…quality surpasses quantity here). So, if you are going to splurge right now, I suggest choosing a classic, everyday staple that can easily transition to date night when you need it like the Meloney Tobacco Douglas (or in this color)!

Lifestyle Blogger Stephanie Hill features Fashion's New Normal on The Style Bungalow

Lifestyle Blogger Stephanie Hill features Fashion's New Normal on The Style Bungalow

Lifestyle Blogger Stephanie Hill speaks about Fashion's New Normal on The Style Bungalow

Before the pandemic, I feared others would find my style semi-boring. And I can see why…but now I have peace of mind knowing consumers are making thoughtful choices. Asking themselves, “How can I support my community?” to “Is this brand paying fair wages?” In many ways, the pandemic and what we are experiencing has allowed us to reprioritize what really matters. When my friends ask, “Where did you buy that?” I see it as an opportunity to share a story and reaffirm personal beliefs beyond the surficial like, “I bought it because it was cute” to “This brand manufactures their bags in my hometown and champions diversity, which means a lot to me.

Brahmin bags are handcrafted in Fairhaven, Massachusetts using luxury materials from Italy and around the globe. They remain committed to inclusivity, real change in the fashion industry, quality control, and a transparent supply chain — all things I’m happy to support and share with my friends when they say, “I need that bag – tell me where you bought it!” 

So as I continue to navigate our new normal, reflecting on how fashion “serves as a document of our times,” (while remaining timeless) I’m holding onto the belief that “sometimes second chapters are better.” 

Xo, Stephanie

PS: Use code STYLEBUNGALOW10 to take 10% off your first purchase!

[Thank you Brahmin for sponsoring today’s post.]

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