In Your (Pant) Dreams

TOP, CROP PANTS, CARGO PANTS, SANDALS, SCARF (more options here), STRAW BAG: (c/o) Ann Taylor

You ask, you receive!

One of my most commonly asked question is about… drumroll: PANTS!

Don’t ask me why but I get so many questions about where I buy my pants but I do. All the time. Understandably so, right? I mean, pants are comfy. They can trick people into thinking you’re tall. They’re super easy to style. I get it. So that’s why I’ve dedicated today’s post to… drumroll: PANTS!

From Ann Taylor.

The key to good pants is fit. Super simple. You have to find the right fit in order to achieve all your pant dreams. Which is why I’ve turned to Ann Taylor to bring you two different pairs! One cropped. One cargo (yes, they’re back).

And because Ann Taylor offers a wide assortment of styles and fit, making your pant dreams super feasible! All you have to do is swing by your local store or buy a few pairs online (return the ones you don’t like) to see what works best with your body.

Plus, they’re offering 40% off today. Use code: WELLSPRING. Considering Ann Taylor’s quality of clothing is superior to a lot of contemporary brands that range in pricing from $150-350, I’m shocked at how affordable both of these looks are with the discount!

I personally love ankle cleavage so I’m a crop girl (I’ll link a few of my favorite pairs below). I almost always wear a size 00P and never get them tailored. The Signature (formerly Devin) and Classic (formerly Ann) styles fit me perfectly! For reference, I’m 5’2 and more or less 105lbs. Each pair I’m wearing sit nicely on my hip and provide a little breathing room in the waist area. I love how they give me a nice lean look and how they stay wrinkle-free throughout the day. (FUN FACT: One of my biggest pet peeves is wrinkled clothing!)

Side note, I’m currently in: JAMAICA! Yes, mon – beautiful Jamaica shooting new content for The Style Bungalow! Keep comin’ back to the blog for more! And as always…

Xo, Stephanie

P.S. – YOU GUYS BROUGHT ME TO TEARS yesterday with your comments on my celebratory IG post. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to each one of you. I cannot put into words how touching your messages were and how much you mean to me. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out on here, on IG or via email.

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

[Thank you Ann Taylor for sponsoring this post!]


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