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[Photography by Gen Street Style]


When I get ready in the morning, my first question tends to be, “what shoes do I feel like wearing today?” Weird, right? You would think I would start with a dress or a pair of pants or a blouse but nope, I start with shoes. Why? Because shoes dictate your mood. At least mine…

Think about it.

When was the last time you had a big meeting or a first date? What if you’re running around all day? Chances are, you want to feel comfortable. You want your shoes to channel your style and personality. And above all, make you feel confident whether that be through a pair of 6” stilettos (YAS) or a cute pair of sandals, like these from Marks & Spencer.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think there’s some weird statistic out there that says CEO’s tend to be tall. Sounds absurd. I know. It kind of is. But the thought always lurked in the back of mind. Especially in my corporate PR days. Being short and petite, most clients thought I was still in college. And I can’t tell you how annoying it was to correct them! My solution? Heels.

But my obsession with shoes didn’t start there. Nope. It started WAY back in the day. I’ll never forget being a Spice Girl for Halloween. I must have been 11. Maybe younger? In true fashion, I was Posh Spice (my favorite one… wonder why?!) and needed shoes to complete my look. Solution? Heels. Like, the most ridiculous pair of 6” heels you could think of.

Halloween ended. But my love for those heels DID not stop. I wanted to wear them all day, every day. I felt empowered wearing those heels! Yes, empowered at 11 years old. It’s possible.

My mom was so horrified with me wearing 6” heels at 11 years old that she hid them from me. And just like that, I was both devastated and hooked. I quickly learned that shoes are fun. Shoes are transformative. Hello, look at Cinderella?!

To me, shoes make you. Who you want to be. Feel like being casual? Throw on some sneakers. Feel like being cute? Toss on those sandals. Feel like owning a meeting and/or strutting down your middle school hallway like Posh Spice? Hey, let me suggest a pair of 6” stilettos. Trust me, that will do the trick.

I’m such a believer in shoes that I’ve decided to feature three looks – yes, three looks! – with three different pairs of shoes from Marks & Spencer. Each one, a completely different vibe…

What’s your favorite look? Tell me what you like and how you rock your shoes!

And be sure to check out Marks & Spencer for more inspiration (and so many cute shoes!). Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you Shopping Links and Marks & Spencer for sponsoring this post!]


  • Love these outfits! Great inspiration. Esp the midi skirt with the gold buttons & bow. Did not realize the shoes would be so reasonably priced!

  • Hey girl! I think I am love the culotte look the most on you! I agree with the heels statement but the problem is I’m not supposed to wear them often anymore since I broke my foot. My solution and newest obsession is flats. I’ve embraced that I’m short, use my lovely dancer posture to still “look” tall and thank God for my long limbs for the illusion of being taller lol. Love your post and outfits as always!

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