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Hola amigos! I’m back from my mini-blog-siesta! I used my (much needed) break to enjoy the holidays and life. I also used this time to look back on my (previous) year…


2015 was a freakin’ roller coaster. I left my job and abandoned a steady paycheck to freelance. Met some cool people; lost a couple friends (who provided good lessons). Realized I can’t succeed on my own – you need mentors and friends. Learned that things don’t always pan out the way you planned, or the way you think they should be. Attended my first New York Fashion Week and interviewed designers Sophia Webster, Rebecca Taylor and Rebecca Minkoff. Got into two car accidents. Cried a lot. Laughed a lot. Traveled a bit. Did a lot of yoga. Realized I needed to take better care of myself. And pushed myself – both online and offline – out of my comfort zone…

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Yep, 2015 was nuts. Let’s just say that I’m glad it’s behind me. I’m also (very) happy to report that so far, 2016 has rocked.

So let’s jump right to it – my resolutions for 2016.

  1. Stay real and fearlessly blog.
  2. Write more.
  3. Less junk. Read more books, essays, listen to podcasts, etc. etc.
  4. Up my photography game
  5. Get 8 hours of sleep! Duh.
  6. Eat cleaner foods. Stay active. Learn what the term, “self care” means. 😉
  7. Travel travel travel
  8. Purchase investment piece, like a Chole “Drew” Leather Crossbody Bag… (sigh…)

Photo Nov 30, 6 32 36 PM

Ok, let’s get real now…

  1. Blog full-time by the end of the year.

The simple experience of being able to share my thoughts and outfits with you guys everyday is rewarding. To do it full-time would be awesome. My blog has helped me grow as a person. And it’s a ton of fun!

Making this one of my bigger goals this year.

Photo Nov 30, 6 52 56 PM



I’ll end with this…

  1. Launch another personal project….

Be it personal shopping, editing wardrobes or styling on the side, I’d love to provide one-on-one consultations in both South Florida and throughout the country to readers who need some style help!

What do you think? Open to your feedback! Please feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at [email protected] with your thoughts and resolutions for 2016. 🙂

Wishing everyone a GREAT first Monday of the year!

Xo, Stephanie


  • Great post, Stephanie. I loved how honest and positive it was overall. And of course, you always pick the cutest clothes. Here’s to an amazing 2016!

  • So happy to watch your blogging journey Stephanie. I first found you on Instagram and loved it when you created the super layered outfits. Now I follow you on your blog 🙂 I’m glad writing more is one of your goals because I don’t see you write very often and I’d love it if you could!


    • Thank you 🙂 I don’t write that often because I’m not the best. Looking to change that this year. Thank you so much for following along… Here’s to a great 2016! XO <3

  • I’ve watched you grow since we met about a year and a half ago and I absolutely believe that you’ll reach those 2 big goals. I look forward to watching your journey continue!

    • You’re so sweet. Thank you! I believe in your blog and journey as well! You continue to be a GREAT role model for young women! Looking forward to following you this 2016! XO

  • I came across your blog a while ago and LOVE it – from your fashion sense and style, to your motivating work out pics, and now your plans for 2016…it’s all so inspiring! I love your Instagram site too, and always look forward to what you’re going to post next. Thanks for sharing all that you do – cheers to a great new year!!

    • You’re so sweet! Thank you! It’s comments like these that motivate me to continue to write, share and not be afraid to be myself. Wishing you a wonderful New Year! Thanks for following… XO

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