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Finding pants is always quite the adventure for me. I’ll try on hundreds. Yes, hundreds! Looking for the perfect pair. Searching for answers. Solutions. Anything! To fit my petite frame because I adore wearing pants. Like everyone else. Preferably, no-alternations-needed pants.

Fun fact: (important) Most brands use fit models to base their measurements. Those fit models tend to represent the largest number of consumers. So if you’re like me (or 90% of the population that tends to fall outside the range of “average fit”) you won’t be able to buy something “straight off the rack” in a XS, S, M or L and have it fit perfectly. You’ll need a good tailor. And while I’m a huge proponent for getting things tailored, sometimes it’s nice to buy pants that fit.

I first discovered this when I met a fit model from Vancouver at my best friend’s wedding. She had a beautiful body! 5’7. Healthy. Long legs. Strong yet lean. She represented the “small” category.

Wait what? Sometimes I wear small! And I’m like 5’2 (after a good yoga class).

Insert Ann Taylor.

Here’s what I love about Ann Taylor pants. They have a TON of cuts and sizes to choose from. Meaning, just about anyone shopping for pants – like yours truly – can walk in and more or less, find a pair of pants that fit. Like really well.

Some quick tips (because I hear Ann Taylor’s offering 50% off everything + free shipping!):

Look for pants that create the illusion of a higher (more perky) tush. You’ll also want pants that have a lower knee break because this tends to elongate your legs.

Petite? Wear heels (like this red pair!). Have a long torso? Avoid low rise pants. Love stripes? Great. Vertical stripes will make your legs look longer and slimmer. Not sure? Don’t worry. I recommend ordering two or three styles, trying them on and returning the ones that don’t fit. (Or keep them all!)

Oh, and for those who asked last week! This is indeed the same scarf I mentioned! And the same earrings. And the same bangle + rings! All from Ann Taylor!

Shop tonight’s look below! Before the sale ends!

Xo, Stephanie

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