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I had such a great time celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Macy’s this past Saturday at the Dadeland Mall in Miami. Host, Christian Ramierez, leading fashion reporter for Un Nuevo Dia on Telemundo, emceed the intimate discussion with singer and songwriter, Jasmine V; Telemundo fashion and beauty expert, Kika Rocha; and Jules Sarinaña, the blogger behind one of the most epic fashion blogs ever, Sincerely Jules.

We heard all about how their heritage has influenced them in their careers and how it continues to inspire their work and fashion choices. Not only did we have the chance to gain valuable insight into the lives of such inspiring and talented Latinas, but we were also treated to a fashion show, yummy bites to nibble on from Goya and a concert by Jasmine V. It was truly an awesome event.

One of the perks to being a blogger is that you’re able to interview all sorts of amazing people, like these three lovely ladies, and ask them pretty much anything with respect to fashion and their backgrounds. Here’s how it went down…

Millions of girls around the world adore your personal style, including me! What makes it so unique?

Jules: I feel comfortable wearing sneakers and skirts, mixing expensive pieces with affordable ones. I think it’s important to stick to the basics, like a tee from Gap or H&M, and be relatable because that’s what people can afford and want to see. Style is all about evolving, and eventually mine will evolve into something else, but for now I’m comfortable with where I’m at with it.

What does it mean to be a Hispanic fashion blogger to you?

Jules: At times the fashion industry can be close-minded when it comes to accepting different types of cultures and people so for me it’s amazing that I’m able to represent Hispanics with my blog. I may have darker skin and be Mexican, but I can still do what you do and be in fashion.

Do you ever find that your heritage inspires your style?

Kika: Yes. When it comes to style, Hispanics know how to dress. They have a innate flare for fashion and tend to wear pieces that are classic… much like my personal style. 

Jules: There are a lot of bold prints and colors worn in the Hispanic community so I definitely think it influences the way I dress.

Have you ever had to overcome any hurdles because of your background?

Kika: When I first started working in fashion at People Español, the magazine wasn’t as relevant to all of the major PR firms and fashion houses, but once they realized how great our readership was, they changed and started to pay attention to us. Did you know hispanics sell more in fragrances and home décor than any other demographic?! The Hispanic market is huge, and we have a lot of rule now. 

You travel a lot! What’s your favorite destination to travel to get inspired?

Jules: I do, and I’m so incredibly fortunate to be able to travel so much. I’d have to say Barcelona because it reminds me so much of my hometown in Mexico. I’d also say Paris because it brings out the Parisian style in me, which I love.  

What do you pack?

Kika: I like to travel light! For me, it’s all about the essentials like a great pashmina throw, pair of flats or pants. I pack everything very, very neatly so I don’t like to bring a lot with me. [I’m shocked when Kika tells me this because not only does she look amazing, but she’s also a die-hard fashionista so I don’t know how she’s able to pull off such great style while traveling!]

What’s been the biggest reward?

Jules: That’s a tough one because there have been so many rewards to blogging. I think the biggest one is that I’m able to live my dream and do what I love everyday. I never thought that starting a blog would develop into what is now my career. I also love that I’m able to meet people face-to-face, and hear their stories on how I’ve inspired them with my blog. It’s always so humbling to hear.

I’ve also been able to develop my brand through blogging, Shop Sincerely Jules, which I think will be the next step for me and hopefully something that leads to a longstanding career in fashion.

Any advice?

Jules: No matter how big or small of a following you may have, it’s important to stay true to your style and who you are. Otherwise, your readers will walk away and follow someone else. People want to see something that’s authentic, not fake. My followers would totally know if I was trying to pull off something that wasn’t me.

Kika: Project your own sense of style, and understand what looks good on your body type. Don’t copy anyone else, just be true to yourself and more importantly, proud to be Latina.

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  • Love your style. I wish I would of been at the mall to just say hello. I come to your site to get fashion tips all the time. It’s not easy styling when you have to wear a uniform for work always:)

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