Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Stephanie Hill shares Holiday Gift Guide for Him on The Style Bungalow

Holiday shopping can be rather tricky for anyone — especially when you’re shopping for that important man in your life like your brother, dad, boyfriend or a coworker. With a little help from my fiancé, I’ve rounded up a curated list of gifts that say, “you deserve this” because they do and ones they’ll appreciate, too.

For Your Brother

If your brother’s an entrepreneur, still figuring things out or just needs a boost of inspiration you might want to consider a membership at WeWork. Each space is meant to inspire impactful work while becoming personally fulfilled. Additionally, he’ll have access to a community of like-minded individuals where it’s possibly he could meet his next client or newest employee. The possibilities seem endless and they have locations across the globe — see the closest one near your brother here.

For Your Dad

My dad has quite a busy schedule and if yours is like mine, help him out by giving him an Apple Watch he’s been wanting. Receiving text messages, setting timers, checking heart rate and making payments are just a few things he can do directly from his wrist. All of this without having to fumble around in his wallet or on the smartphone? Perhaps you can say it’s a watch that’ll actually help him save time. 

For Your Boyfriend

Short-term or long-term? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

We all know that awkward time where you’ve just become a “thing” around the holidays, but you’re not sure how long it’ll last yet…so what do you get him that’s not too much, but still significant? A Polaroid camera. This way you’re able to capture new moments together (and possibly become his muse, too).

For the long-term boyfriend, download one of your favorite pictures together (from your computer, Instagram, etc.) and drop it into Framebridge where you can get it developed and framed in just one-click (I have one framed of us here). It’s a perfect addition to his desk, office or any space — and one that’ll put a smile on his face. (Use code: THESTYLEBUNGALOW for 15% off!)

For Your Fiancé

We’ve been together for a few years now and one of the many things I know about my fiancé is that he loves new experiences. It can be anything from a boxing class, a private pilot solo session where he gets to fly a plane (for 6 hours) or make a reservation at an incredible restaurant that he’s been wanting to try and create an experience out of it together. But if you’re feeling adventurous and ready to splurge, consider a 3-day weekend to somewhere like Harbour Island, Bahamas or Islamorada. Both are romantic tropical destinations that both of you will love! 

For the Coworker

Why complicate it? Since, everyone’s got to eat, you can’t go wrong with an UberEats gift card. He’ll be so much happier than having regular cafeteria food.

For Your Grandpa

If he enjoys reading he’ll love Audibles. It’s the perfect gift for any avid reader or those just picking it back up again. The purpose of the platform is that it reads to you (at your preferred pace), which makes everything much more simple for him. All you have to do is select which subscription and he’ll just have to select the book and start listening.

Xo, Stephanie 

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