How I’ve Changed Already (2020)

Stephanie Hill features How I’ve Changed Already (2020) on The Style Bungalow Team

Stephanie Hill features How I’ve Changed Already (2020) on The Style Bungalow Team

Last year I was always rushing out of the apartment with my hair somewhat tousled, mascara smudged and personal items hanging out of my Brahmin handbag because I left it open again. You know, the crash and burn feeling and the “I don’t remember what day it is…I can’t keep working at this pace” moments. I was completely inundated with work…I forgot to live a life. 

And let me tell you, that’s not happening this year. 

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill features How I’ve Changed Already (2020) on The Style Bungalow Team

What I mentioned in my recent “Life As I Know It” series, I truly meant it. This past decade has given me an experience of a lifetime; the wild twists and turns, the ups and downs all led me to where I am today and I would not change it for the world. But more importantly, those last few weeks of 2019 significantly shifted something within me and I received a pretty wonderful, creative breakthrough that left me feeling inspired again, clear about my future and priorities (i.e. health, happiness and some semblance of balance) — I guess there was a pro to my two-week long flu. 

Since I had all that time and space to myself, I had no choice but to sit, rest and reflect. “What was I actually missing out on?” or “How do I pace myself?” I struggle with FOMO (fear of missing out). But what does having “faith in missing out look like” and what does that even mean?*

*If you rush/run/have FOMO, you miss out on life. If you pace yourself and walk slower, you see everything around you which can inevitably lead to breakthroughs (like me when I had the flu) or to be interrupted… 

Not only was I reminded of these key perspectives, but I experienced what it meant to slow down in order to be interrupted by something more significant. Something that can bring me joy, peace and allow me to be even more creative…by focusing time on other hobbies like dancing and working out consistently (to name a few).

Funny, right?

By allotting time like this, I started seeing how my life and schedule has already changed. I begin most of my mornings with meditation and then I work out. The quality of work and focus has deepened immensely. My concepts, strategies, creativity and branding aspects have been more aligned as a result. I recognize what The Style Bungalow and my team need and I’m laying down a more solid foundation in order to move in that direction.

Stephanie Hill features How I’ve Changed Already (2020) on The Style Bungalow Team

Stephanie Hill features How I’ve Changed Already (2020) on The Style Bungalow Team

I admit, my Brahmin Daydream Melbourne Mod Bowie has played a role in reminding me, too. There’s a certain quality about Brahmin that I admire and love, which continues to stand the test of time. (You know this!) I can only imagine that through their years of careful planning, pacing and making room for inspiration (they achieved the goal set ahead); sourcing luxury materials directly from Italy (and across the globe) while designing each collection in good ole’ Massachusetts. I feel the integrity behind the brand and love the everyday staple or statement handbags that have made its way into my closet.

Now, as I sit here in my breakfast nook scheduling in a few dance classes for the upcoming week before I leisurely pack, lock up the apartment and head down to Miami to see my fiancé for the weekend, I smile because of how I chose to pace myself. I’m looking at my Brahmin, all zipped up with nothing hanging out, and ready to go. 

Stephanie Hill shares How I’ve Changed Already (2020) on The Style Bungalow Team

Best part, I don’t feel rushed. I feel inspired again.

Xo, Stephanie

TANK: Goldsign 

PANTS: old Zara, similar here, here and here

EARRINGS: Bauble Bar

BELT: (c/o) St. John


BAG: (c/o) Brahmin (more options below)

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  • So happy for you that you have regained balance on your life and have adopted a slower, more content pace of life. It’s not that easy to do! I’m currently still working on it in cycles and some weeks work well, others are harder and still feel rushed. But I’m getting there!

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