7 For Mankind Jeans

BLAZER: similar here, here and here/TEE: old, similar here/JEANS: 7 for Mankind/SLINGBACK PUMPS: here/BAG: here and here

In approximately four days, Art Basel starts. In approximately twenty-two days, Christmas Eve is here. And in twenty-nine days, a new year begins.

To say I’m stressed is an understatement. Once again, my schedule is overflowing with amazing events, holiday parties and family gatherings. No complaints but this time of year also means I seek complete comfort on my days off. Like, comfortable jeans.

Aside from seeking comfy jeans, I strive to find jeans that flatter my petite figure. Contrary to what you see on Instagram (angles, guys), my legs aren’t that long. They are slim which helps, sure. But they aren’t insanely long. The key to my leg-lengthening looks lies in the tailoring. Let me explain…

Jeans with a stretch, a high waist and slight crop (I cropped this pair because I’m all about that ankle cleavage) will do wonders on a petite figure… giving the appearance of legs that are a mile long. Jeans with a low waist (circa 2001), a weird wash and awkward tailoring will do the opposite… and make your legs look short.

So it’s pretty easy in my book. When it comes to jeans, I look for the same things again and again.

Ever since high school, I’ve been wearing 7 for Mankind jeans because they not only offered an assortment of sizing options but made me look tall (and feel comfortable). My parents would buy me one pair to last the entire year and it worked. So, instead of buying three pairs of sub-par jeans – I bought one. Over the years, my collection of 7 for Mankind jeans grew and since I always stuck to fits that were timeless (like today’s pair), they never went out of style and eventually I had enough pairs of jeans to switch out throughout the week.

When the brand reached out, I of course accepted the challenge to style this pair. Why not? I already own tons of pairs! 7 for Mankind is (and has been) one of my go-to for jeans.

Today I styled this look with another Veronica Beard blazer to give a classic 90’s feel. My tee is old (I’ve worn it before on the blog) but my bag and heels are new.

The cool thing about these jeans is that you can easily undo the hook n’ eye, throw on a pair of matte black stiletto heels and have a completely different look. Both options are great.

To shop today’s awesome slash comfortable slash lengthening look, click the links below.

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend so far!

Xo, Stephanie

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

[Thank you 7 for Mankind for sponsoring this post!]


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