Slow Down, Go Fast

DRESS: Jacquemus/SANDALS: save, spend splurge/BAG: Cult Gaia/EARRINGS: Oscar de la Renta

As I’ve grown older, I’ve found one the best ways to set yourself up for a great week is to give yourself the weekends off – meaning lots of rejuvenating and restoring! #HelloSunshine #HelloNetflix

One of the other ways I’m learning to set myself up for success (this year) is to say no. Being a natural people pleaser slash go-getter, I have a tendency to over-do it and take on too many projects or attend too many events which deplete my energy and at times, my creativity. This is part of the reason why I’ve decided to skip Fashion Week this season…

Strangely, I’ve also found myself (for the first time in a LONG time) kind of bored this month. I’m usually running around like a crazy person, shooting a gazillion outfits, staying up late answering emails or writing for the blog. But this month has been… different. And it’s been so refreshing to create content from within. (Click here to listen to a TED on boredom!)

I’ve also planned a few trips. I’ve done a lot of shopping (stay tuned!). I’ve organized my apartment (well, sort of) and have found time to schedule dr. appointments! (Can you believe that’s how busy I’ve been in the past?) I’ve started working out again. Oh and, maybe take a dance class or two!

All in all, I feel like I’m making progress (ok, maybe more like baby steps) despite slowing down this month to regroup. Weird, right? You have to go slow in order to go fast.

Because here’s what I can tell you (from previous experience juggling three jobs + blogging): when I move too fast… when I’m stressed… when I say yes to everything… I miss what I need to see which means missing out on necessary improvements for my blog and personal life…

Anyone else feel the same?

Xo, Stephanie

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

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  • OMG! It’s like you are talking to me. I’m feeling the same way as you. Like I was stuck and had so much on my mind that I didn’t know what to do exactly so I took a breather and slowly everything is getting back into place and maybe for the better.

    I am a fan of your style by the way. Love your Instagram feed!

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