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 [Chelsae Anne Photography]

Crop top: (c/o) Marshalls $16.99 – love this one and this one/Skirt: H&M (old) – identical one here and here/Heels: (c/o) Theory via T.J. Maxx $79.99 – love these/Flats: (c/o) Marshalls $19.99/Fedora: (old) – similar here/Clutch: H&M (old) – similar here and a fun one here/Sunnies: H&M (old) – love these!/Rings: Melanie Auld & Versona Accessories

To French girls, dating – and style – reflect their effortless, no-nonsense approach to life.

When it comes to their sense of style, they aren’t afraid to be imperfect, be spontaneous, keep it personal – and shop according to what looks good on their figure – not by what everyone else is wearing. They’re pretty classy and elegant, and aren’t obsessed with looking sexy, wearing tight clothes and ridiculously high heels* all the time.

I suppose the same attributes could be said about their approach to dating. French girls are elusive, fairly comfortable in their skin and interesting – and by all means, avoid meeting people in the most meticulously put together versions of themselves. They like to keep it real.

I’m not French and have never been to France, but I can tell you that this mantra – applied to both my style and dating life – is key. I think a lot of women tend to think that they need to be overtly sexy – all the time – to attract the right person. When in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Sam Smith (who I love) recently said at this year’s Grammy awards, “Before I made this record I was doing everything to try and get my music heard. I tried to lose weight and I was making awful music. It was only until I started to be myself that the music started to flow and people started to listen.”

Sam Smith isn’t French, I think he’s British or something like that but there’s an important take away here – and one that will help set you apart from everyone else out there this Valentine’s Day weekend (hitched, in a relationship or single)…

Just be you.

Dress according to your body, and be comfortable with who you are. French girls aren’t worried about how perfect their hair looks on dates, what they say or how they appear to the other person (guilty, trust me). Instead, they have slightly messed up hair, wear little to no makeup, express themselves naturally and maintain a je ne sais quoi attitude towards life – which is why so many people (especially in the fashion world) think they are so cool.

So whether you’re going out with friends or having a cozy night in with that special someone, just be yourself this Valentine’s Day and the rest will follow suit.

(sorry for rambling!)

Xo, Stephanie

P.S. We made a video! I’m super camera shy when it comes to this kind of stuff so I hope you like it!

*with the exception of Yves Saint Laurent heels.



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