Marshalls x The Style Bungalow

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[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

Photo Sep 09, 4 12 12 PM

All outfits: (c/o) Marshalls

Photo Sep 09, 11 24 55 AM

Last month, Chelsae Anne and I flew out to Boston to work with Marshalls on some videos for Instagram and to shoot a couple looks for the blog!

Talk about an amazing opportunity!

Photo Sep 09, 4 15 34 PM

The night before we left, I pulled an all nighter to get my work done (I do social media consulting on the side) so I could take the rest of the week off for the project and for Fashion Week in NYC. I was beyond exhausted but it was so worth it because the second we arrived in Boston, we hit the ground running!

Photo Sep 09, 4 30 39 PM

We started with fittings at TJX headquarters outside of Boston. This literally took all day because I’m so petite and nothing ever fits my body. Fortunately, their seamstress did an amazing job and each piece came out perfect…

Photo Sep 09, 6 25 31 PM

[Side note: I can’t reiterate this enough – having a good tailor is so worth it! Being petite, most things aren’t made for my body. It’s either too big or too small. If you’re like me and have a hard time finding clothing that fits, I highly recommend finding a good tailor near you. Not only can they customize your clothing to what you want, but they can help you identify what works best for your body type too.]

Photo Sep 09, 11 04 33 AM

We woke up super early on Day 2 to shoot three videos + a couple looks for the blog. Click here to see one of the videos.

This trench… I can’t even… it’s SO perfect.

Photo Sep 09, 11 03 34 AM

Photo Sep 09, 4 14 12 PM

We ended Day 2 with perfect light and the perfect backdrop…

Photo Sep 09, 6 05 46 PM (1)

Day 3 was another shoot day. We started in Boston and eventually moved to an apple-picking farm to get these shots…

Photo Sep 10, 10 01 01 AM

Photo Sep 10, 10 24 28 AM

Photo Sep 10, 10 26 32 AM

It started raining so we moved to another location – inside a nearby house!

Photo Sep 10, 11 11 57 AM


Photo Sep 10, 11 08 28 AM

Next up? Cambridge! (You have no idea how much work went into making it seem like leaves were falling in the background.)

Photo Sep 10, 12 08 29 PM

Photo Sep 10, 12 19 30 PM

Photo Sep 10, 12 15 30 PM

From cobblestone streets to hidden alleyways to churches to farms, I had an amazing time shooting with Chels in Boston.

Photo Sep 09, 11 04 02 AM

Big thank you to Marshalls for the opportunity and for always being so awesome! I’ll never forget it! <3

Xo, Stephanie

(In case you’re wondering, all outfits pictured above were purchased at Marshalls!)


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