Match Made in Heaven

Alexis - The Style Bungalow

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

TOP: Alexis (c/o) Neiman Marcus/SHORTS: Alexis (c/o) Neiman Marcus/SANDALS: Vince (c/o) Neiman Marcus/EARRINGS: Similar

Alexis - The Style Bungalow

Miami based designer, Alexis Barbara, brings a whole new meaning to the color tangerine with this beautiful two-piece set from Neiman Marcus Boca Raton. It’s making me fall in love with color all over again… I mean, how can you not feel the same?

Between the intricate lace detail and the fit of both pieces, this set is definitely a match made in heaven!

If you’re daring and love embracing color, you can totally wear this top and shorts combo together to make a bold statement. It’s pretty high-impact! So just be sure to pair back your accessories to keep the focus on the garments. And well… to keep all eyes on you!

The Style Bungalow - Alexis

For those less daring, try wearing this top separately with white skinny jeans. You can also wear these tangerine lace shorts with a white crop top or with a silk sleeveless blouse. Either way you spin it, this bright look is bound to turn heads!

The Style Bungalow - Alexis

Side note, I’m currently in Lisbon, Portugal for the rest of the week! My boyfriend and I are beyond excited to be here – mainly because we desperately need a vacation. (The both of us work pretty hard…) If you have any recommendations on what to do, see, eat or where to visit in Portugal, please let me know! Our week is wide open. As of right now, the only thing on our agenda is surf lessons on Thursday and lots of eating and drinking around the city!

Xo, Stephanie


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