My Relationship with Dessert and eBay

Featuring My Relationship with Dessert and eBay by Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

Featuring My Relationship with Dessert and eBay by Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

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Fast-fashion is like dessert. You should enjoy it in moderation. 

Confession: I was not always that way, especially when I didn’t have much money for clothing. For a long time, I, like many other young 20-somethings, relied heavily on fast-fashion to stock up my wardrobe. Occasionally I would shop at second-hand stores for pieces, but the ease of having fast-fashion in front of me every weekend I frequented the mall – coupled with the urge to look stylish – made it impossible to ignore. 

Stephanie Hill shares My Relationship with Dessert and eBay on The Style Bungalow

Featuring My Relationship with Dessert and eBay by Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

This was also 10 years ago. 

Things have changed. I’ve changed, and so has retail, dramatically. Unless I’m looking for something specific, I seldom visit the mall anymore. It’s hard to sift through clothing, spend hours walking from one store to the next when I have so much going on right now. I also don’t love having someone sell me things. [Pro tip from a former retail girl to the next: You don’t need to try so hard…] I’d rather put on pajamas, sip tea and listen to music – all while shopping for my next handbag directly from the laptop.

I guess the tipping point for me was when I started to hate everything in my closet because my clothes were falling apart (after a few washes), looked dingy or discolored. Nothing fit me either. The only things I enjoyed wearing were my few designer pieces, which I didn’t have much of because money was tight. I desperately wanted to find a solution to buying better quality (second-hand, of course, I couldn’t afford full price) over cheap, fast-fashion; so I opted for sites like eBay because it was a great middle ground – I could wear designer, find unique things my friends didn’t have, get them tailored to fit my petite frame (which is surprisingly very hard to shop for) and afford it without having to skip buying groceries dinners with friends.  

Stephanie Hill reveals My Relationship with Dessert and eBay on The Style Bungalow

Stephanie Hill speaks about My Relationship with Dessert and eBay on The Style Bungalow

Today, I’m able to buy a brand-new luxury handbag from brands I adore (and represent who I am), but while I love buying new pieces (as they are worth the investment) I don’t do this as often as you may think. [Disclaimer: I hope the above statement doesn’t read the wrong way. Please know that I’ve been very open about my past struggles and work so hard to maintain what I have today. Trust me, I don’t take it for granted.] Like I said, things have changed – and so has my relationship with shopping. I still shop eBay for pre-owned luxury. Call it nostalgic or an addiction to the “thrill of the hunt” or that I want something no one has on Instagram – I love it and I don’t foresee this changing anytime soon. Some people watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Some people book weekly massages. 

My guilty pleasure is eBay at midnight. 

Even though eBay carries incredible luxury pieces along with rare, vintage finds it’s still simple to sort through all the items within their site…and find precisely what you’re looking for. Not only are you given specific options to select and filter, but when it comes to designer brands, eBay Authenticate serves as an exceptional tool that allows you to shop without unnecessary tension, but with total confidence. Plus, it’s easier to use than you may think (see more here). Ideally, I suggest that you search for expert sellers, read their reviews, don’t be afraid to ask for more details and images of the product(s), ensure everything is spelled correctly (i.e. Channel vs. Chanel) as that can also be a giveaway that it’s not genuine and look for the “Authenticity Verified” label. I also love knowing that when I shop through eBay, I’m backed with a 200% money back guarantee – which is honestly, pretty incredible and reassuring!

Style Blogger Stephanie Hill shares My Relationship with Dessert and eBay on The Style Bungalow

I recently listened to an interview on the Business of Fashion podcast about sustainability. One person (I can’t remember who) said fashion’s environmental practices were more of a “cultural problem.” We’ve become conditioned to shop for something new every time a brand “drops,” which occurs alarmingly fast these days…sometimes every two weeks. I can’t help but think of all the unsold items – where does that go?

Fast-fashion, much like dessert, will always be tempting. (Trust me, I have a sweet tooth.) But I think the healthy way to approach this is that whenever I feel compelled to order chocolate cake, I remind myself of how awful I’ll feel the next day. Perhaps a good middle ground is dairy-free frozen yogurt or in this case instead of the latest trendy bag (made from quick, inexpensive material)…it’s investing in a pre-owned Chanel…


Check out all my favorite (and rare luxury) finds on eBay below! 

Xo, Stephanie


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