My Views on Fashion Week

Stephanie Hill featuring My Views on Fashion Week on The Style Bungalow

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill featuring My Views on Fashion Week on The Style Bungalow

As I sit here skimming through IG feeds and Stories of friends talking about upcoming NYFW shows, everyone’s glowing, gearing up for a great time and exchanging lots of messages, “Stephanie, please tell me you’ll be in NYC next week!” Although I’m not going this year, I’m seeing things through a different lens and experiencing… one part JOMO (the “Joy of Missing Out”) and the other part FOMO (the “Fear of Missing Out.)

Feels weird. Even as I sit here typing this out. For years, I used to look forward to huge events centered around fashion, especially Fashion Week. But things have changed. Every year, I ask myself aside from gaining inspiration and meeting new people, “what is the real purpose of Fashion Week for me?” I’m not a street style influencer so getting my photo taken is not a big deal to me. My style doesn’t necessarily jive with what you see at NYFW either. Maybe it’s where I’m at in life currently: redecorating my apartment, wedding planning and managing so many different projects. I feel like JOMO has become a theme. Sounds boring (and not nearly as exciting as NYFW) but I kind of like what I’m doing right now and how I’m savoring every extra minute I have with my fiancé, family and friends – the ones who matter most. 

Dress: (c/o) Black Iris Earrings: (c/o) Oscar de la Renta Sandals: old, similar here and here Clutch: vintage, found on eBay

Sharing My Views on Fashion Week by Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

My Views on Fashion Week by Stephanie Hill now live on The Style Bungalow

*Disclosure: Trust me, Fashion Month is incredibly inspiring to me (rewind to here and here) and I do love seeing my favorite designers release exciting collections along with having relevant, cultural conversations around them. It’s an honor to attend shows, but I don’t feel many people share the other side of Fashion Month. 

Style Blogger Stephanie Hill shares My Views on Fashion Week on The Style Bungalow

Revealing Views on Fashion Week by Stephanie Hill live on The Style Bungalow

I remember it like it was yesterday, running around the city with a ton of adrenaline, crinkled invites, blisters on my feet and pure excitement…but the allure of being there isn’t quite the same this year. I’m sure I’ll experience FOMO; it’s inevitable but I know looking back it will all fade away. 

I mean, I went from crashing on couches at friends’ apartments in Spanish Harlem and East Village to sharing a three-bedroom, tiny Airbnb with 7 girls, to having a one-bedroom Airbnb with my assistant and squeezing in Uber Eats whenever we had the time (let’s not forget how incredibly difficult it is to schedule deliveries when your hotel Airbnb doesn’t have a door man)… every year I’ve been wiped out. 

Can I also be honest and say I do not love shooting photos in New York City? There are different factors to consider: dirty streets, traffic, people, antsy street style photographers and lots of different lighting scenarios, which makes it even more unpredictable and challenging to capture content (coming from South Florida where there are palm trees in practically every single photo I take). As soon as we’re finished, we race across town, hoping we wouldn’t get lost while searching for the shows’ venues and dodging traffic to make it in time. It’s great that there are so many shows, but unfortunately you can’t attend everything and have to cherry pick based on the above and what makes the most sense for you (which may unintentionally upset some).

Like I said, I’ve had some of the best experiences – some I will cherish forever in my little fashion-obsessed heart, but I’ve decided to trade those sleepless nights, exhaustion and high costs for being at home this year. Plus, I’m kind of tired of people telling me what I should be as an influencer…blogger, whichever you prefer. This past year, I’ve shed so many inward and outward layers and know that I am on my way to discovering the true purpose of my blog, even if it goes against the grain. 

My Views on Fashion Week by Style Blogger Stephanie Hill now live on The Style Bungalow

Sharing My Views on Fashion Week by Style Blogger Stephanie Hill now live on The Style Bungalow

I’m also so thankful for the technology we have and the way we’re able to access exclusive footage and events in real time. I often wondered about the future of Fashion Week: the rising topic of fashion’s impact on our planet and how the overall format of shows might change in the future. Since, the way we consume and choose brands have been highly influenced by IG, I can only think of the possible changes to come in the fashion industry and how designers might change the way (and frequency) their collections are revealed to the public. We’re seeing more and more private presentations during off-season times, capsule collections, collaborations vs. old school fashion shows. 

Either way, I believe there’s something to be said about these changes and in the same breath, the exclusivity and inspiration that each show brings. There’s still a unique sense of mystery and delight to this prerequisite luxury of experiencing a show in real time. I love how behind every year and every show, there’s a powerful message(s) that resonates with popular culture and the way it creates a bigger sense of community and mutual feeling: always transcending the runway. *Sigh, I’m already feeling the subtle hints of FOMO beginning to surface as I think of all this…

My Views on Fashion Week by Style Blogger Stephanie Hill now live on The Style Bungalow

But thanks to my newfound JOMO and access to IG, I’m able to experience Fashion Week from my sofa this year sans blisters on my feet…as I now sift through the last few pieces for my apartment.

Until then, happy Fashion Month everyone… 

Xo, Stephanie 


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