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Ohhh the holidays. The magical time of year when family togetherness, twinkly lights, and tasty treats take center stage. For some, the cold weather slowly rolls in, and your trusty puffer coat seems to be the only thing keeping you alive! For me, this means spending the holidays in sunny Palm Beach, Florida and in Houston, Texas where I usually opt for leather jackets, comfy jeans and boots to keep me warm.

(Side note, one of my favorite cold-weather-approved items being a leather jacket in a neutral color like grey, black or brown. You can’t go wrong. Leather jackets are timeless. Classic. They work with everything from jeans to a cocktail dress. Yes, they are pricey. But worth every penny because you will have it in your closet forever!)

This year, I teamed up with Lucky Brand to share my unique holiday traditions with you guys. I’m pretty rooted in the same holiday traditions – year after year – like movie marathons after opening presents or listening to oldies and baking with my dad…

Other things like putting shopping off until the last minute, are changing! In the past, I would wait until a few days before Christmas to shop for family and friends. By the time I do, there’s nothing left and my family and friends are left with OK gifts. This year, I plan to shop early and get everyone great gifts! #adulting

Lucky for us (see what I did there), Lucky Brand has something for all – and by all, I’m really referring to shopping for myself. JK. Not really.

I’ve always loved how versatile their pieces are. Wear a casual look when watching holiday movies with the fam, to something dressy when going to parties – in two seconds.

Which leads me to today’s looks! Both are head-to-toe Lucky. The first one features an oversized houndstooth jacket with a black turtleneck to give a more sophisticated feel to an easy outfit. I threw in a thick black belt to cinch in my waist to add another layer of ‘chic!’

The second look is what I call a modern-day ‘Canadian Tuxedo,’ not to be confused with Brittany Spears circa 2001. I chose to wear different washes of denim to break up the look and a pair of deep red booties to add a pop of color. I threw on a light leather jacket in case the weather dips… and voila!

Someone once asked me, “when do the holidays officially begin to you?” Of which I replied, “the second I grab a cup of hot coco and turn on the Thanksgiving Day parade. From then on, it’s nonstop holiday music, décor and shopping! The holidays are truly the time of year.” So I ask, when do the holidays begin for you?

Leave your answers in the comment section below! Click the pink links for today’s looks!

Xo, Stephanie

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

[Thank you Lucky Brand for sponsoring this post!]

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