NYC Pt. 2

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Outfits: c/o Marshalls
As I mentioned in my previous blog post, “NYC Pt. 1,” I teamed up with Marshalls last month to shoot a couple of looks for their “Post-Holiday,” in-store signage. Not only was it so much fun to run around the City and cram in like five different outfits in a couple of hours under the watchful eye of their awesome creative and digital teams who helped coach me throughout the process, but it was an opportunity of a lifetime to have the chance to do something that I would have never, ever – in a million years – dreamt would happen to me because of my love for fashion!

Since the signage has gone live, I’ve had a number of readers ask me why I wear so much stuff from Marshalls and why I love shopping there so much. So, to answer your question…
I’m a real girl on a real budget with a HUGE love (more like obsession) for fashion. Trust me, as much as I’d love to tote around like five different Chanel handbags and wear designer labels all the time, I can’t because that’s not realistic for me… right now. I’ve had to spend much of my life replicating high-end looks on a budget, which is the reason why I’m always shopping at Marshalls for designer goodies on sale or for trendy pieces. So I promise this love for Marshalls is real people and has been since I was like twelve years old. My mom will attest to it and my dad will tell you stories of how we used to hide shopping bags from him in the garage every time we’d go shopping there (and how we got away with it every time).
But just when I thought things couldn’t get better…
Marshalls has asked me to come back and do it again! But this time, for Spring! (See Dad! It was worth it after all!)
We’ll be shooting in beautiful and sunny Miami for the next two days! Be sure to follow along on Instagram (@thestylebungalow) to catch a glimpse at all the behind-the-scenes action!
Have a great Wednesday!
Xo, Stephanie

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