One Blazer, Two Ways Pt. 2

BLAZER, SILK BLOUSE (similar styles here and here), SHORTS, TENNIS SHOES (similar styles here and here), NUDE HEELS, BAG, WATCH: Nordstrom

Haaapppppppy Cyber Monday! Looking for a list of sales? Click here.

Ok, so last week I talked about investment pieces and why I splurge on items like this blazer. (Click here to read it.) I also promised to re-style it. Why? Because I know once you see this blazer again, buy it, you’ll love it forever, just as I do because it’s so versatile…

This blazer is from designer Veronica Beard, someone who can do no wrong in my book. Beard offers a variety of styles to choose from and her pricing range is great considering she’s in the “designer” category at Nordstrom. Designer blazers can cost thousands so if you’re looking to invest wisely, I assure you both Beard’s prices and assortment of styles will make you feel good about it. Click here for more.

Today I went for a classic pairing with shorts from Maje, a silk blouse, luxury watch and sunglasses. I started the day in nude Louboutin heels (because Monday, duh!) and ended it in tennis shoes (because Cyber Monday, ugh).

Let’s not forget about my baby Sac de Jour pink leather tote, a color that goes with everything!

Today designer clearance is up to 40% off at Nordstrom so be sure to take advantage of the extra markdowns – and as always, choose Nordstrom for your designer needs!

Xo, Stephanie

UPDATE as of noon EST: Blazer and shorts are now on sale! Whoop whoop!

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

[Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!]


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