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SWEATER (sold out, more options here), CORSET SKIRT, SOCK BOOTIES (similar), EARRINGS, TIGHTS (optional): (c/o) Express Petites

The past couple of weeks feel like a blur. It’s been go, go, go!

As I write this, I’m back home in my old childhood room in Houston, Texas spending the holidays with my family. Today I stayed in pajamas all day and watched movies with my brother and mom. Tomorrow I’m going to the spa and in the evening, picking up my boyfriend from the airport who will be spending the holidays with my family. I know, #soserious. Given the past couple of weeks have been beyond nonstop for me, I could not be happier to hit the snooze button, relax and unwind for two weeks. It’s much needed.

Don’t worry! I’ll still be publishing on here. As I mentioned in my previous post, I shot a ton of content in advance so that I could take this time off. So with that said – let me introduce tonight’s look from Express Petites!

So far this winter season, I’ve featured sweaters, leather jackets, bikinis, cute dresses and full on trench coats on The Style Bungalow. I’ve also worn resortwear and gowns. I’m all over the place! I can’t seem to pick one “focus” and to be honest, don’t really care. A blog is a blog. It’s what inspires you day to day. And today, it’s sweaters and sock booties.

Express is killin’ the sweater game this season. I’ve bought way too many. I love that this one is cropped and can be worn with high waisted skirts and jeans or layered over a tee and joggers. Unfortunately, it sold out but there are a ton of options here.

This skirt is great because the corset defines your waist. (And for petites, this is super important!) Wear it alone or with tights. (I almost wore this pair but ditched them last minute because it was a little too much for me. They’re super cute though!)

My earrings add a hint of sparkle and my sock booties are just too cool…

Shop tonight’s look below!

Xo, Stephanie

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

[Thank you Express for sponsoring this post!]

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