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TRENCH, MILITARY SHIRT, JEANS: (c/o) Express/HEELS: similar here/SCARF: similar here/TOTE: love this one too!

Good morning! I’m happy (more so than usual) for two reasons. First, I started my morning with a cappuccino from one of my favorite French bakeries in West Palm Beach, Paneterie. And two, because Express has finally launched a petite line! Yes, yes, YAS!

When people ask how tall I am on Instagram, I usually say “5’3 + some” when really I’m like barely 5’2 after a good yoga class. In pictures, I look tall (#angles guys) but in real-life, I’m small. Really small. Like bite-sized. I blame it on dancing my entire life because my dad (who, by the way is celebrating a birthday today!) is 6’2. My brother is 6’3. My sister is 5’6. WHAT HAPPENED.

Two weeks ago, while shopping for a new outfit for a conference in Ft. Lauderdale (which, for those of you wondering, it went amazing! Totally got over my fear of public speaking.) the store associate asked me what size I was. I told her, “the smallest you have.” She proceeded to pull a couple options. And without trying them on, I already knew. “They won’t fit,” I said. “I know which designers run big and small and those unfortunately, won’t fit my frame.” #sadface

Anyways, you would think this would make my life somewhat easier because “technically” I can fit into anything. But nope. It’s not. Shopping is next to impossible for me. Either I end up altering everything I buy or shop at stores that carry petite sizing.

Express is one of those stores you always visit when you go to the mall. Because it’s trendy. It’s affordable. They carry pieces you can wear again and again. For as long as I can remember, I’ve shopped there. BUT with limited options to choose from. Today that changes! Anyone 5’4 and under (like moi) will finally be able to purchase trousers that don’t need alterations. #amen

To celebrate, I’m sharing a few of my favorites, courtesy of their new Petite Collection.

I typically roll up the bottoms of my jeans to show off my heels (and to quickly alter a long pair of jeans) but I’ve already worn these unrolled with sneakers. They’re cute and comfy. And make my derrière look amazing.

Made of extra soft material, this military shirt looks great with a scarf (as pictured) or layered over a vintage concert tee for a relaxed weekend look. I love how effortless it is.

And this trench. No alterations needed. It’s sleek and timeless and has a removable sash, all perfectly positioned for ladies 5’4 and under.

Click here to see more from their Petite Collection and as always, click the pink links to shop today’s look!

Au revoir!

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you Express for sponsoring this post!]


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