Favorite Basket Bags

In case you haven’t figured out by now, I’m obsessed with basket bags, straw totes and beach bags. Yes, even as we near the tail end of summer – I see myself wearing them all year long. In my mind, they’ve become the accessory of the year. Not only are these bags practical (most of them are pretty affordable) but sturdy and chic when paired with long flowy dresses, worn-in jeans, bright colors, bathing suits – just about anything, really! You can’t go wrong.

Since many of you guys have been asking about my basket collection, I figured I would do a quick round-up of my latest favorites! Here you go!

1. Nannacay Margarita Baby Maldives Bag

2. Sophie Anderson Adorada Basket

3. Soeur Du Maroc Casablanca Pom Pom Mini Tote

4. Mark & Graham Hyacinth Backpack 

5. En Shalla Basket Bag

6. Mark & Graham Hand-Painted Straw Beach Bag

7. Soeur Du Maroc Marrakesh Pom Pom Grande Tote

8. Mar Y Sol Sahara Tote

9. Misa Amor Jane Box Bag

10. JADEtribe Basket Mini Pom Bag

11. Nannacay Baby Roge Pom Pom Tote

12. Small Jane Birkin Basket

13. Round French Basket Bag

14. Ellen and James Basket Clutch 

15. En Shalla Home Basket Bag

16. Shiraleah Mirabel Woven Tote

17. Shiraleah Mariana Tote 

18. Shiraleah Veronica Metallic Woven Tote 

Xo, Stephanie

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