How to Relax After Work

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Last year, feeling tense and worn out all the time because all too common for me. I never gave myself the me time I needed. So this year, I put me at the top of my list and made sure to carve out small moments in my day to take a break and relax. Which is why I was inspired to share today’s post.

I brought on friend and fellow yogi, Kate McCabe, to help share some quick pick-me-ups that anyone can do at home. Kate’s a yoga teacher in West Palm Beach, nutritionist, holistic life blogger behind Solful Health and super busy, just like mwa.

The FIRST thing you want to do is change into comfy clothing. Swap out that pencil skirt for some leggings, like this pair from Crane + Lion (they’re also high waisted and make your legs/tummy/tush look amaze) then throw on a sports bra + easy tee. Do this so you can move freely.

Tree Pose

First and foremost. Stop thinking. You can’t balance on one leg if you’re thinking about your to-do list.

Keep your breathing slow and steady. Shift your weight to one leg. Bring the opposite leg to your ankle, calf or inner thigh (avoid your knees) and place your hands heart center. Hold for 5 breathes. Switch.

Toe Pose

As a former ballerina, I love doing this pose! I hold so much tension in my feet. Especially since I’m usually running around in heels. This one’s a must for me.

But did you know an imbalance can travel all the way up to your back and shoulders? Yep. That’s why this one’s a good one.

Kneel. Tuck your toes under your tush. Keep all 10 toes on the ground (that’s the hard part) and breathe deeply. Stay for about 10-15 breathes. Then when you’re done, place your hands out in front of you to shake out the tops of your feet. 

Forward Fold

Have lower back pain? Do a forward fold. They’re great for taking pressure off your lower back + reducing tension in your neck and shoulders.

With both legs straight, reach down and grab your calves, ankles or toes. Whatever is easier for you. Feel free to bend your knees if you’re hamstrings are tight.

Breathe deeply for a few minutes. And feel that physical and emotional stress melt away.

Child’s Pose

This one’s my favorite. It helps stretch your hips, ankles and shoulders. You can place both knees underneath you (beginner) or separate your knees for a deeper hip stretch (advanced). Place your forehead on the ground. Stretch your arms out. And hangout for a couple minutes. Ahhhhh….


By far, the hardest part of relaxing is meditating. Being a former hyperactive child + professional dancer, I have LOTS of energy. But doing so helps calm my mind, wind down and relax. So you should too!

Throw on some soothing music if need be. Find a comfy spot (can be outside or near the end of your bed). Sit up nice and tall. Rest your palms (I have my palms up to help ground me). Soften your shoulders. Close your eyes. And take slow, long deep breathes in. Stay for 1-10 mins. Every time your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath.

There you go! Those are some of my favorite poses to do after a long day at work.

AND definitely check out Crane + Lion for activewear. Everything pictured in this post was from their newest collection. Talk about great prices and outstanding (yes, outstanding) quality.

Xo, Stephanie


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