As Seen on the Streets

[Photography by GenStreetStyle]

WEARING: SWEATER, SKIRT (similar): (c/o) Iorane/SANDALS: click link for more options/SUNGLASSES: (c/o) Andy Wolf/TOTE: (c/o) Neiman Marcus/EARRINGS: click link for more options

Ever visit a major city and see someone walking down the street wearing a killer outfit? Someone who captures your attention? Who stands out from the crowd?

Cue street style.

I’ve always been a fan. But don’t get much an opportunity to share street style shots on here because I live in beautiful Palm Beach where everything is manicured and perfect. Street style doesn’t vibe here like it does in a major city. Where you need cars. Buildings. People. Movement. You get it.

So when I get the opportunity to shoot street style in Miami for the blog, I get excited! And basically treat the street like my catwalk…

Fun fact: Street style emerged when people like goths, hippies, hipsters, etc. all started dressing different. They stood out. People noticed. You could relate to them – whether that be through their style or culture. And above all, they were authentic.

One of my goals this year was to start featuring more and more emerging designers. Designers who are somewhat new to the scene or getting noticed and growing in strength and popularity. They’re blooming. And super cool.

Cue high-end Brazilian brand, Iorane.

Iorane has been around for 20 years. Mainly in Brazil. Until 2015, when they decided to go global and expand to places like Miami.

Cue Stephanie.

I was first introduced to the brand when I saw Rocky Barnes wearing them. Then I met with them in person at StyleMrkt and fell in love with their line. Each and every piece was different. Classic yet edgy. Cheeky. So me…

What’s cool about street style is that it bridges the gap between everyday people and brands. It opens the door for brands to get noticed. All it takes is one shot. And next thing you know, you’re getting featured in major magazine. And the brand explodes overnight.

But even with all of this, one thing remains the same – street style is authentic. And the most successful bloggers who share street style snaps remain true to themselves. Perhaps this is why I (and many more) love it so much.

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Xo, Stephanie


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