Singin’ The Blues

BLOUSE, SKIRT: Self-Portrait via Nordstrom/HEELS: similar/BAG: more options here/LIP COLOR: “Heat Wave” by NARS

Today I feel like singin’ the blues. Because I love this look!

I’m also pretty pumped to start shopping again! This time for me. And this time, at Nordstrom. With so many designer goodies at your fingertips, it’ll be easy to spend my gift cards all at one place. Cha-ching!

But before I go into a rant about how excited I am to start shopping, let’s chat about today’s look.

Purchased on impulse #WhatElseIsNew, I’m wearing another Self-Portrait look. (surprise, surprise) As you know, Self-Portrait has become one of my favorite brands to wear this season (See exhibit A, B and C). There’s always something new and innovative from the brand and the designs are perfect for the holiday season.

I love the detailing of this periwinkle slash sky-blue blouse. It’s so fresh! I dressed it up with black suede heels but you could easily wear cropped jeans with it for a casual look. Yes, it’s pricey. And yes, it’s worth the investment because it’s a statement blouse you can wear well into the spring and summer.

The tailoring of my skirt is perfect. I love the layers of navy satin and black lace. It’s impeccable and a little sexy. It screams glam!

Per usual, my accessories are simple because I wanted the attention on my outfit. So I opted for a bold lip, Manolo lookalikes and a simple black bag.

Happy shopping!

Xo, Stephanie

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

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